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  1. Hello Mossy

    I have received an email from a lady wanting to contact you regarding some ancestor research. Naturally I would not give out any of your contact information unless you authorised me to do so. If you are interested in helping her out let me know and I will forward your email address to her.

    Please let me know your current email address as it may have changed since your last information update. I see we have sammoss948@hotmail.com as you current address.





  2. Two days without internet. It was Hell!

    1. Claudius


      I can sympathize. But think this phrase could be immortalized under; “Things you would never hear someone say 20 years ago.”

    2. Brian Wolfe

      Brian Wolfe

      Oh so true.
      When Mervyn and I were kids it was, "Keep your powder dry". Ha ha

  3. Launched my blog after a minor glitch. Thanks for the help Mervyn.

  4. Flying to Ottawa and the War Museum. Everything is bolted down so no collecting...drat!

  5. +6 and I have a sun burn. Ya gotta love Spring time in Canada.

  6. Something to remember. Throw a hand full of gold coins over the fence and you'll never see them again. Throw a javelin and it will be returned with interest.

    1. Mervyn Mitton

      Mervyn Mitton

      But - what if it is a gold javelin ?

    2. Brian Wolfe
  7. Being an only child is evidence that your parents learn from their mistakes.

    1. Claudius


      or maybe they knew they couldn't do any better...no, wait, you're right, go with that first thought....haha (just kidding)

    2. kapten_windu


      hmm, i'm an only child..!! so what was happen?:speechless

  8. Oktoberfest is almost over- now there's a sobering thought.

  9. Happy Oktoberfest! Let the games begin!

  10. Support the GMIC...Subscribe Today!

  11. Stuart: Tanks. Engrish is still the gooderest languge. ;)

  12. Welcome aboard, Judd1948.
    I too was born in 48, a good year for fine people, not to mention modest.
    I hope you will post your collection for all to see.

  13. Hi Gene,
    I have not forgotten about you. I just need to get time to try my new camera out to see if I can take a better quality photo. Our scanner is right out of the Flintstones ear.

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