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  1. Dear all, Please find picture below. Best Bob
  2. Hello Graf, Thanks for sharing with us such a beautiful collection of luxuary miniatures. Best Bob
  3. Dear Graf, Thank you for your interesting posts on your 1st Restauration LH.... which indeed is made of a modern central medallion fixed on a genuine Restauration cross. I have two other "1st Restauration" LH that I will try to show you soon when I will have more time. By the way, the "1st Restauration" model doesn't exist and is only the result of the mistake from a LH maker… Have a nice weekend!! La Collection Phaleristique
  4. Hi Graf, Your analysis is right. The badge is Second Republic and the crown is July Monarchy. Best La Collection Phaleristique
  5. Graf, There might be some similar boxes from Halley made for normal LoH. This box is specific to this 100 gardes model as when you remove the LoH, you see that the lower part of the box is made such as the LoH perfectly fits within the box. I will take a picture of the box without the LoH. Best
  6. http://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_02_2015/post-18041-0-28132700-1424100879.jpghttp://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_02_2015/post-18041-0-19129500-1424100882.jpghttp://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_02_2015/post-18041-0-27487600-1424100884.jpg
  7. Hello Graf, I do have the pictures but cannot upload them on this forum...any idea? Best La Collection Phaleristique.
  8. Indeed, there are plenty of more advanced collections than mine. But nobody wants to show them... I do not know why. I will take a picture on Monday of the box and will show you. Best La Collection Phaleristique.
  9. Hello Graf, Your box is very nice and extremly rare in Commendeur. I do not collect boxes and miniatures, not because I do not like them, but simply because I find it hard enough to collect "normal size" medals...Maybe one day! However I have two boxes from la Maison Halley from 2nd Empire: one for a Grand Officier and one for a Chevalier modèle des Cent Gardes. As far as I remember I have only seen one box dating from prior to 2nd Empire. It was for a first empire miniature cross from the manufacterer Coudray (or Biennais as we like to say...). On the box was written the name of th
  10. Bonsoir Graf, Thank you for your message. Your contribution is nice too, these miniatures are pretty rare and beautiful...Congrats La Collection Phaleristique
  11. Hello Lars, Sorry for the name...you can call me Bob if it is more convenient. Regarding the colors of enamels, there is officially no difference in meaning. The decoration du Lys is not an order so people were more or less free to create different models. Regards La Collection Phaleristique
  12. Thanks Megan. You cannot find my name on the website because I do not want to communicate it. Unlike many other websites, I show my own (and valuable) collection and I do not want to attract malicious people... So you can call me La Collection Phaleristique
  13. Thank you both for your posts and your welcome. 'photo a venir' means that I have other medals from my collection to add on the website but I still have not found the time to work on it. It takes a lot of time to build such a site and it is my first one so I am not always efficient in building it. Anyway, I hope it will bring useful information to anyone interested by this topic.
  14. Dear all, I would like to introduce my website exhibiting my collection of French medals and especially of Legion d'Honneur. I plan to make an English version but for the moment all the description are in French due to lack of time. www.lacollectionphaleristique.com I hope it will bring you useful information on this subject and all your comments are welcome Thank you La Collection Phaleristique
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