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  1. Morning Guys hope all is well with everyone, I've been using this lockdown to go though my collection and hunt for names in my items and research them. This one however has me stumped at the moment but then there is very limited information. What I do know is at some point during the war he was a brigadier and his initials are R.E.H. I know this one may be a longshot but im hopeful regards Tom
  2. cheers gunner seems like a solid match much like yourself Paul my google searches never yielded anything I shall attach a photo of the rack for you all
  3. Hi Guys I've hit a brick wall on my research into a British army officer from ww2. Information I have is he was a lt col in 1958 and was at a later date a brigadier name was P.H.MAY had para wings DSO,OBE,MC johniter cross was part of the 8th in Africa and was MID during ww2. any help with this is greatly appreciated cheers Tom
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