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  1. medal of the crown of King Zvonimir bronze grade price 150 euro payment în paypal transport 10 euro
  2. Hello is this a polish regimental badge?
  3. Hello, please help me with the identification of this badge and a value estimation. Thank you.
  4. I bought the badge together with a lot of Romanian cavalry items. All of the romanian items are genuine. In the lot with the polish badge is also a polish cavalry pagon issued for the international military cavalry game held in Warsawa in 1929, genuine item also. This is why i was curious over the badge considering the big amount of fake/copies in the market. Considering the lot the polish regimental badge needs to be valid, but who knows..
  5. I took some front photos of the badge. I hope they are expresive..
  6. Hello, is this polish badge original or not? Thank you for help.
  7. Hello, what are this items? do they have any value? Thank you, Marius
  8. most likely the lot belonged to a romanian officer. i don't belive that he ordered another polish badge if he lots it. this badges was made just in silver? if the badge is ok what value can have? thanks
  9. The polish badge was in this lot with majority of romanian badges for cavalry. The fanion is also polish from 1937 military horse contest held in Warsaw (is graved on the back). All the rest of the items proved to be original... about the polish badge i don't know much
  10. Hello, can someone tell me if this badge is original or copy? Thank you, Rgs.
  11. Hello, please help me with price estimation for this polish badge. Thanks.
  12. Someone told me that V = vojenský = militay. So VJK stands for Military riding club...
  13. i will post later a reverse picture. The size is almost 3cm.
  14. Hi please help me with some info regarding this badge. (country, meaning, value) Is written V.J.K 1894 - 1934 Kosice. Thank you, Marius
  15. Hello, please help me to identify this cross. Regards, Marius
  16. Hello everyone, please help me to id this item. Can be military item? Is polish? what the inscription on the back stands for? Thank you in advance for your help. Regards.
  17. Thank you for your help Andreas. i was not expecting this. The value of the order is quite high.
  18. Hello, please help my identify this badges and an aproximate selling value. Thank you in advance. Marius
  19. Thank you for your help. Based on your informations i found on internet the following data WW2 Commemorative Medal of the Armed Partisans of the Independence Front (Patriotic Militia) Resistance Group, 1941 - 1961. The medal was issued to the surviving veterans of the Group, in 1961 to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of its foundation, in 1941. On the reverse the initials: F.I. - O.F. and P.A. - M.P. (for Independence Front and Armed Partisans in French and Flemish respectively) The Group was founded in 1941 and engaged in Resistance acts against the Germans in the occupied Belgium. In 1944 it was renamed to "Patriotic Militia". If someone is intrestead on the medal please feel free to contact me. Regards, Marius
  20. Dear colleagues, i bought recently o lot of medals and among them it was the medal within the attached photos. I tried to find more information over this medal but i didnț managed to get them. By any chance do you have infos regarding the medal (number of pieces issued, recipts, market value etc)? Thank you in advance for your help. Marius
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