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  1. Thanks for interesting answers and if anyone knows more about Kampfgruppe 9, I'm grateful.
  2. I understand, with my little German as I can, I think the text and the content are a little surprising.
  3. These documents came with, was it common for these documents to be included?
  4. Thank you for your answer, curious about what kampfgruppe 12 is for something I've been looking for but not found anything yet. Can I get help with the last 3 lines on page 32, thank you
  5. Need to get his name clarified as well as the six bottom lines on page 12. I have tried to mark the lines. Sincerely Edwina
  6. I thank remind men of the answer unless you dont know what the codes mean I get to be ignorant. But what is over the line of 34. Somehow he was wounded during the fighting in Greece. I figured if we could infer anything from the codes for medical categori in the Medical Certificate. He received KVK on 01/30/45.
  7. Hello and thanks, forgot page 21. But it is true, but do you know where to find out what the codes on page 35 does. If the code is 34, I have a book that says it is a kind of Tuberculosis / Wehrmacht Sanitat vorschrift 1936 /. Since erkrankungen der Nase und ihrer nebenhöhlen / Fehlernummer körperschaden. consistent with what you wrote accident or self mutilation / from a list of state codes in the soldier Books / Can you read what is in the text on page 34, I can only read Greece. I have also an act of ill codes on the man in question on a Entlassungsschein. Sincerely Edwina
  8. Hello everyone, it's been a while since last time. I need this time help with translating pages 34-35. I have different bids on what the code 34 means everything from nasal symptoms of self-mutilation. Does anyone know what training he received? Greetings Edwina
  9. Hello I thank the help again, it has become clear much for me with his passport and how badly hurt he was by shrapnel and resulted that he ended up in the pool August 5, 1944, but still, he was promoted to Obergefreite October 1944. He received the award Fallschirmschytsen July 2, 1941. Is there any legible signature of any officer in the passport. I do not understand the meaning of what is on page 26-27. Page 32 we have interpreted to Einsatz Russland. Page 34 to Gr.Spl.Fuss and the front Russland. Regards Edwina I have problems inserting images, is 2 MB for the entire thread or by post? I'll try to make them smaller.
  10. Hello again I have no doubt with a paratrooper. I have received some help from a friend, but we need more help from experts. On page 12 Clarification of the row second Line 3 ??????? Row 4. Reserve lassarete ?????? Line 5. Fallsch.Jg.Ers.Btl.Aschersleben ....... I do not understand. Row 6. ?????????????????? Division. Greetings Edwina
  11. The last, and thanks for all the help. A photo of Daub few years later. It was interesting with ear infection, it is like he had 12.242-24.3.42 and 01/12/45 to 04/05/45. On page 26, what's officers who signed his 9:11:44 sturmabzeichen? Greetings Edwina Try more photos later
  12. Hello On page 33 it says (geb.) AOK 20, I understand that means he belonged 20. (Geb) Artileri mn what does OK. The 4.2 42, he was treated in hospital but for what? Thanks while Edwina
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