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  1. There were other letters and such but here is the award document dated July 1918
  2. Here is an award to a lady from Baden.. First is the envelope that it all came in..
  3. Thought I would post a couple of Award documents I have that were award to women. First is a Red Cross award. Not a rare award, but a great looking award document to a Ingeborg Marie Angel in 1917.
  4. Looks like the had a thing for red boxes and gold crowns. Not a lot of originality there. Which brings to mind a question. Did the state determine the case the medals came in or was it up to the jeweler or manufactor? Mike
  5. Really interesting photo Gordon! I too wonder what the gorgets are for. Wonder if they were hunting related? Thanks for sharing this! Mike
  6. Great photo! But I do believe you should stay off ebay and leave those kind of photos for me! Remember-there is really nothing on ebay! LOL Mike
  7. Nice stuff Ralph! That is great that you can get some personal information just from the name on the mailing box! Mike
  8. That is a really nice Baden Veteran badge. Would love to have one in my collection! I would think that Ralph would like it as well if he don't have one already. I have a couple Baden Veteran items in route and will post once I get them. Nice! Mike
  9. Great photo tour! Thanks for sharing this with us. I can now see why one would want to be an officer! Mike
  10. Is that style of swords used with many awards? They look bigger than most. Nice bars. Mike
  11. You mean to tell me that people bid on these thinking they are real? What a joke! Mike
  12. I have always liked the mini enamel crosses. Not sure what this one was for. Mike
  13. Here ia another one of those unofficial awards. This one is from Wurttmeburg. Not sure if this is the correct ribbion as I have seen it with other ribbons. Mike
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