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  1. The Cross with the number 156202 was awarded on august 21 1916. Looks like there were a bigger battle / attack since they awarded a few st. George crosses that day in that area. Yes to bad. But im happy the cross is real.
  2. I got the books. Unfortunately i could just narrow down a possible date. But its nice to have a list for all those numbers
  3. Hey thank you very much. I will take a look for the book.
  4. Thank you very much. Is there anyone i can contact to find out recipient of the cross?
  5. Hello all, What do you think about this two russian medals? I found them during a house cleaning together with some old jewelleries.
  6. RomanianCommunication Specialist Grade Badge
  7. Hello all, Does anyone know this badge? Sorry for the bad pics.
  8. After a pretty hard time for me an my daughter's (my wife left us) Here my first new piece. A Reichsnährstand medal for tobacco. Made of 990 silver. Sadly someone drilled a hole through it. But the hole has the same patina so it looks like it was made long ago. I still like this coin / medal 😊👍
  9. +1 After spending some time with the photos and looking for a similar and possible award I would also say that he's wearing the Order of the Crown of King Zvonimir 2nd class breast Cross with Swords. Imo the KVK2 aren't possible - you can see the high Medaillon with attached swords that only matches with the King Zvonimir.
  10. Hello all, got this French medal. Im just looking for some medals to put them next to my ww1 Adrian helmet. Are this a ww1 exemple or a later cross?
  11. It's the Ehrenkreuz 2.Klasse des Preußischen Landes-Kriegerverbandes / Cross of Honor 2nd class of the Prussian Landes-Kriegerverband On wrong ribbon
  12. I know your feelings very well. I got bitten by that bug to. From pearl harbor to torpedo bomber rear gunner on an air craft carrier... All are researched.
  13. It's always hard. Are the photos glued on? If it's sometimes hard to take them out. But I think in this case or other similar cases it's ok. I have done it before with a Don kossac reiterregiment album.
  14. The Pegasus shield with the bomb belongs to the 449th bomb group usaf. https://449th.com/books-about-449th/
  15. I don't know why but it's my first one. After all those years of cleaning out houses it's the first time I found this nice little fellow.
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