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  1. Here they are. Nothing special but maybe interesting During the Kampfzeit Another in political Uniform Wehrmacht again WW1 And his death card for a lokal newspaper. RiP Hermann I got those thing from his Niece
  2. Thank you very much guys. It's always good to know what you have.
  3. Hello Larry, Im not that uniform guy. Maybe you can tell me. Here another shot of his dad. Greetings Stefan
  4. I'm very impressed of the high quality of those small crosses. 3 piece construction with iron core. I would love to see more minis!
  5. Hello all, Im having a hard time to identify the nation of those guys. The officer looks like he is wearing a Serbian ww1 officer uniform but the navy guy? Also can anyone read the cap tally?
  6. Hello all, Fond this card in an old book. But I don't found good informations about him. Maybe anyone here knows more.
  7. I saw prussian landwehr uniform buttons from the napoleonic war that would fit perfectly. What do you think about this?
  8. It's definitely bronze. I had to lighten up the pics sorry Here some other pics without messing around
  9. If you are still interested I have a few photos and docs from him. I can post them here if you want.
  10. Hi all, I missed that cross. Did I made a mistake? Looks like someone took the swords off (?) But the price was 80€ on this one. The cheapest I ever saw so far. But is it a real one? Im always scared about those enamel crosses.
  11. Hello all. It maybe far fetched but maybe someone recognize that type of button. It was found together with a lot musket balls and a iron canonball on an field in Germany. Could it be a military button of some kind?
  12. I tried to find a photo of those Metallsammlungen. But I never saw one with swords. Maybe it was requisitioned as you said.
  13. Thanks Andreas. Did you also know the meaning of the stamp above the monogram? Better pic Looks like artillery The blade
  14. Hello all, I found this Lionhead Sword as young boy in a river. I never got behind those markings. Maybe someone can enlighten me. Just above the monogram Looks like 33.A.5.4.
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