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  1. On 10/08/2018 at 21:52, Uffz. Rohleder said:

    Sorry for bringing back this old topic. But since I saw those sacrace mounted War merit medals i hoped I would ever find one of these to. 

    And here is the one I found. The owner was a ww1 veteran and later Truck driver who delivered supplies for the Westwall. Later he got the War merit medal to. He died before the war was over as his civilian truck was straffed by ground attack planes. 

    I also have a photo of him and his Truck. 



    Reverse Pic. Maybe of interest it's the simple DRGM marked one


  2. Hello all, 

    First - sorry if this is the wrong section to post this picture. I found it during a house cleaning. It is originally framed. 

    It looks like the soldiers are wearing British helmets. Of course I can be totally wrong here. 

    Maybe someone can enlighten me on this one. 

    It's a big picture and it's definitely older. 

    Again if those are not British I am sorry. 






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