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  1. Yes, a very nice upgraded cap. I have a near identical cap like this with my medical officer candidate Fliegerbluse; is the piping sewn together at the back?
  2. No one? Anyone? Know of a K98 expert who may know? Thanks--
  3. Gents, Just wondering if anyone can help me, or put me in touch with a K98 expert. I am looking at a 243 code, 1939 dated K98 rifle and was wondering if the trigger guard action screws were supposed to be stamped with the WaA that is found on other parts of the rifle, in this case an eagle over the number 26. The screws have the last two numbers of the rifle's serial number but have no WaA markings at all. I have heard they are supposed to be stamped with the WaA and I have seen this on other K98's of the same vintage. Also, were the lock screws (they keep the action screws from moving) stamped as well? I need to know for sure. Thanks a lot-- Gene
  4. Thanks a lot, I have seen many French examples but would like to look over some German made ones--
  5. I was wondering if owners of German made Kriegsmarine overseas caps could post pics of their examples? I am looking for a German made example but I need to know what to look for. Thanks to all--
  6. White piping is not for an officer, but denotes assignment to either the Regiment General Goering or later, Division Hermann Goering. Enlisted and NCO caps had aluminum or steel eagles but officer candidates were allowed to have bullion eagles and cockades on their piped visor caps. Officer caps were trimmed in silver piping.
  7. The correct eagle for an officer's summer visor is a bullion eagle on white wool, sewn to a brass backing plate with three prongs to secure it to the cap.
  8. The droop tail is called the 1935 pattern with the second version coming out in 1937. Many caps were made after 1937 that utilized the 1935 pattern eagle, because of existing stock as well as customer preference. These cap eagles are around, usually in the $50-$70 range, in nice shape with prongs intact.
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