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  1. Hello, As an adjudant-chef, the military archive of Marcel-Yves Le Bihan should be in the centre des archives du personnel militaire in Pau (France). This page http://www.servicehistorique.sga.defense.gouv.fr/?q=content/•-à-pau will give you the informations to request this archive. Best regards. Francois
  2. Hello, Please, look at this link: http://archives.ville-saumur.fr/_depot_amsaumur/_depot_arko/fonds/echo_saumurois/pdf/1899/FRAC049328_ECHSAU_1899_06_02.pdf The article "Marchand à Toulon" tells the circumstances in which this medal was offered. It also includes a brief description of the medal. Sorry, it in in French Language. Best regards. François
  3. Hello, Here is an other plate of Jean NEUHAUS as stored in his personal file. Best regards. François
  4. Hello, EV 1916 is likely for "Engagé volontaire in 1916". The file of this officier is not online. I will try to see it in the historical service (end of March). I will keep you informed. Best regards. Francois
  5. Hello, Jean Neuhaus was a lieutenant in the Ordnance corps. He was retired in 1954. His personnel file is available in the Service historique de la Défense in Vincennes, France. Best regards. Francois
  6. Hello, If you look at the conscription list for the Alpes-Maritimes department (Nice), you will see that there is only one man named PAULIAN. http://www.basesdocumentaires-cg06.fr/archives/indexRM.php On this list, first names are Jules Évariste and identification number is 30. So the is absolutely no doubt that this tag owner was Jules-Évariste Paulian. Best regards. Francois
  7. Hello Einbauschrank, I have visited Louis-Marcel-Alexandre Boudet's personnel file in the military archives in Vincennes. His bio and portrait are online on my website: http://www.ecole-superieure-de-guerre.fr/louis-marcel-alexandre-boudet.html Boudet left the Army in 1910, soon after he was wounded during the Abbeys uprising, Then he became a colonial administrator in Ivory Coast . As a reserve officier, he was mobilized in the Senegalese troops in August 1914, and was further (1917) a staff officer in the "Armée française d'Orient". Demobilized in 1919, he disappeared in
  8. Hello, He is not on any data base (leonore, geneanet, memoire des hommes, etc). He is not mentionned in the historique du 5e regiment d'infanterie coloniale. I think the only way to get more information is to study his personnel file in the military archives (file GR 4 YE 2863 in Vincennes). Best regards. Francois
  9. Hello, According to the Annuaire de l'armée française (1907 and 1911), there was only one lieutenant BOUDET in the tirailleurs sénégalais. First names are Louis-Marcel-Alexandre As a captain (since 1916) in the 5e régiment d'infanterie coloniale, Louis-Marie-Alexandre Boudet has been reported missing in action on 12 January 1920. No more information for the moment. Best regards. François
  10. francoismln

    French Generals

    Hello, You will find a bio of general Valentin here : http://www.ecole-superieure-de-guerre.fr/joseph-bernard-valentin.html Best regards. Francois
  11. Hello, Some informations about Gustave-Jean-Marie-Alfred DE CORNULIER-LUCINIERE, Born 8 november 1855 in Nantes, deceased 14 february 1929 in Nantes,. He is a cavalry général. Brigadier on 31 décember 1910, he was in charge of the 5th lignt cavalry brigade at the beginning of WWI. Then he commanded the 89th territorial infantry division (april 1915) and the 4th cavalry division (july 1915). He retired on 8 november 1917. He was grand-officier de la Légion d’honneur and received three citations on his Croix de guerre 1914-1918. Best regards.
  12. You are right ; there are three generals with this name. The one you own the cap is MAGNAN, Georges-Émile, born 10 august 1860 in La Rochelle and deceased 28 september 1934 in La Jarrie. Best regards.
  13. Hello, You will find a biography and a photo on this website: http://www.ecole-superieure-de-guerre.fr/ Best regards.
  14. francoismln

    French Generals

    Hello, You will find about 7000 French generals biographies, from 2nd Empire to WWII, on this website: http://www.ecole-superieure-de-guerre.fr/. Regards. Francois
  15. Chris, The Bar Moyen-Orient was also given for operations Libage (Provide-Comfort) from 1991 to 1996. There are other possibilities to get it without the medals of the Gulf War, i.e. 30 days in Saudi Arabia, before the entry in Irak. Regards.
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