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  1. Hello collectors. If you have Albanian medal bars in your collection, please post a photo here. Thank you.
  2. Hero of Soviet Union, Colonel with an Albanian Order of Scanderbeg. Soviet Union officer decorated with Albanian Order of Freedom Soviet Union officer decorated with Albanian Order of Bravery, Order of Skanderbeg, Order of Partisan Star.
  3. If you have photos of foreign recipients wearing Albanian communist orders & medals, you can post it here.
  4. I know i am out here. If you find or have any photo of foreign members who wear albania communist awards, please send me in private. Thank you.
  5. It was solid gold ikom or just 1st class ikom ???
  6. You can find this store on ebay with another name "emonlaib"
  7. Absolutely a rare piece. Very nice variant with rare pin.
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