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  1. I have 1 piece skanderbeg ikom numbered documented. But in albania docs does not signed the number of medal. Number 531.
  2. Some groups. Photos from facebook & instagram. This set I bought first, before 4 years. Skanderbeg is ikom numbered. Bravery order + medal are ikom both. Bought set from family without docs. When i was at their home, his son told me: here is my father's army jacket, remove them please by yourself. This is my last group i bought before 2 months. Again bought it from family without docs. The recipient was graduated in smolensk artillery school in SU. Skanderbeg is ikom numbered, missing screw. Enjoy
  3. That tank is from WWI and the badge is for remember it or to the recipient who fought with that model.
  4. Back side is the same for both 1 2 3 classes. "For homeland courage faithful and forever bravery"
  5. It is produced from PIRRO JEWELRY in Tirana, Albania. It is Solid Silver with Gold Filled & Enamel.
  6. Number 509 3rd class I need a screw in big size.
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