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  1. I have a small collection of Austro-Hungarian submariner's insignia which I have accumulated with my collection of world wide submariner's insignia. There are a some badges on which I have been unable to find data . Both Quesada and Prichard in their articles say there is a cloth backed insignia. Was this done for veterans ? And why was it done? Quesada provided a picture. Also, Steiner and Patejld in their articles say there were badges with horizontal pins. Every pin I have seen was vertical. Does anyone have a picture of this badge with the horizontal pin
  2. I am a collector of submariner's insignia with a soft spot for the Austro-Hungarian submariner's insignia, Researching these i have come across 2 authors, Jorg Steiner in his book, and the Czech Pavel Patejdl in his article in Signum who say this badge exists with a horizontal pin. Has anyone seen one of these? Here is a veteran restrike from Budapest i found
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