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  1. Hello gentlemen, I have this second war document from veteran automotive mechanic Willian H. Wilson. There are two lines, just below the title "extract" and also in front of the name "Wilson, William H. Tec 5 32954264 965", with many abbreviated words and acronyms that I cannot understand very well. I would appreciate any clarification and help! Thanks
  2. Hello gentlemen, what do you think of these two soviet orders? Real or fake? I appreciate your opinion
  3. Hello gentlemen, I found this little pin from the Spanish phalanx along with items from a person who belonged to the Hitler youth. I found it unusual. Not much about this type of pieces from Spain. Could any of you perhaps give an idea of dating for the piece?
  4. Hello gentlemen, I share with you some more German photos that I have. They are pictures of different people. I am also trying to read what is written on the back of them. Any help in this regard and comments on the photos will be welcome! Thank you
  5. Hello gentlemen, I got this beautiful photo from the first war with an attached letter. I am sharing this incredible photo of a Prussian officer and eventually asking for help to translate this handwritten letter, which is a real "struggle" for me. I appreciate your impressions. Thank you
  6. Hi, as promised, i will post the photos of the second war i promised. There are some since the time of the first war and after. I am struggling a lot to try to translate what is written behind them. I have had some success with some of them. There is also a letter and a document from your child. I appreciate any help from you, if you can give it to me. Anyway, I share the images for you to take a look
  7. Thanks speedytop, your answer resolves the question about the location marked in the photo
  8. Hi Bayern, Thank you very much for your clarification! I really appreciate it very much. I will try to put as soon as photos of the photos of the second war in this post for you to take a look
  9. Hello Gentlemen, I have some photos from the second and post-war period that belong to General Matzky. Some have German subtitles that I can't read. Perhaps you can help me to read and identify as people portrayed in the photos. Soon I will update with the photos of the second war Thanks.
  10. Daniel is right. It belonged to LtGen Gerhard Matzky. I got some pieces of it from the general's son's widow. In the lot, these pins also came. I would like to know if you could help me to identify some and say if any of them are from the war period. But I believe that most are post-war. Some pins I was not able to identify very well such as the pin "R", the iron cross inscribed "G.D.R", the moose and the pin with the inscriptions DSK / VdS. There is a medal from the veterans' association. I didn't find much reference about. There is also a Japanese box with 3 pins that I d
  11. Hello, very thanks for the tips and clarifications !!! Are you sure that the last ribon is the Romanian Order of the Crown? I searched for it on the internet and its tape is only in shades of blue Of course I will post a photo of all the ribbons.
  12. Hello gentlemen, I have some ribbons taken from a post-1957 German uniform. I would like to count on your help to discover which are the last 3 ribons of this set. Thanks
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