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  1. hello colleagues, I found these RAF shoulder titles. What would you say about his originality? I appreciate your opinions.
  2. Hello colleagues, I found a medal as it is and I really liked it, but I don't know anything about it. Could you help me with information about her? When was it instituted and with what criteria? I appreciate your opinions!
  3. Hello gentlemen, I got that Vietnam flag. It is made of cotton and measures approximately 74 centimeters by 55. What do you think?
  4. Hello guys, What do you think of this document? I appreciate the opinions.
  5. What is your opinion about this M1 helmet? I bought this M1 and it caught my attention because the shell and chinstrps seem to me from the second war. I'm not sure if the painting matches the period. And its interior seems to me to be a 1965-73 ceiling. I'm not sure about dating the camouflage net and the leather jugular. I also find it strange to see this leather chinstrps with this liner and I don't know what date it is. Inside the liner there are some words written. They appear to be: shigoto (or shihoto), holly and holo. The photos were not so good. Between the shell and the liner this photo was stuck. I took it out carefully and there are some words in Portuguese. The shell and liner were firmly attached as well. Unfortunately it is not possible to see the part number. Some parts are very deteriorated
  6. Hello guys, what do you think of this arrow cross armband? Real or fake? Thanks
  7. Hello Paul, Very thanks for this information! I appreciate it
  8. Hello guys, can anyone help me identify these two from the US that i found in a sergeant uniform from a WWII veteran? I appreciate it
  9. Hello, What do you tell me about this German flag? True or false? I appreciate your help. Thanks
  10. Hello guys, what do you tell me about this backpack? German original ww2?
  11. hello, In other discussions I heard that these documents appeared some time and were not very clear if they were really original documents or if they are original but with the false stamp applied more recently. So I'm in doubt.
  12. Hello, I found these Argentine documents about the Graf Spee. What do you think about this? Real or false?
  13. hello again mates, what do you guys think of these documents that I found? Supposedly they are Argentine documents mentioning the Graf spee
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