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  1. Here in Melbourne I created my 2009 Rats of Tobruk Project (my National ROT Database and my ROT Tribute Website, which currently has (Aust Army Rats 14,041, RAAF 27, RAN 1052, UK Army 101, RAF 4, RN 24 & Polish 172 Rats ) Located, Verified and Recorded. The UK and Polish Rats came to Australia after the War ended. This is the Original and Only Rats of Tobruk Tribute Site in the World, to the best of my knowledge. Anyone who is interested can also view my ROT Public FB Group, which is for those who hold an interest in our Famous Rats of Tobruk, both Family Members or Otherwise. ( https://www.facebook.com/groups/1731960383776750/ ) Input from Countries involved with the Siege of Tobruk are invited to participate in the conversations of this Group. My ROT Tribute Website ( www.ratsoftobruktribute.com ) I am Proud to say my Uncle was a Rat of Tobruk - QX1733 CARLTON, Eric Noel of 2/15 Bn. Best Regards to all on this great Site. Owen Carlton A Proud Nasho
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