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  1. 6245 Muleteer, Macedonian Mule Corps, is Costis, Georghi. Trajan 6245 Muleteer, Macedonian Mule Corps, is Costis, Georghi. Trajan
  2. The real point is (no pun intended!) that German soldiers believed they would be badly treated if found with a sawback. Like the babies spitted on a bayonet, the 'terrible' sawback bayonet and the wounds it inflicted, often after the bayonet had been purposely covered with faeces, was Belgian propaganda put out to counter the fact that the Belgians were still in the public eye for their treatment of the natives in the Congo, which included, inter alia, double hand amputations Anyway, the German General staff managed to stiffle that belief, common in the first 12-18 months of the war only
  3. I don't think it has any other meaning that a factory 'check-mark'. I have seen them on other 98/05's and will re-check my Waffenfabrik's to see if any of these are marked that way.
  4. Coming back to this one - is the scabbard of the bayonet that started this thread?
  5. Incidentally, as most will know, the sawbacked versions of the 98/05, etc., formed 6% of each distribution per unit (except pioniers). Yet when looking at unit-marked versions of 98/05's, they have surived in greater numbers than 6%. Obviously, these were the ones chosen as 'bring-backs' over the plain types. Note also, it is a da** sight harder to find a sawback removed than one with a sawback! It took me 9 years of searching shops and flea markets to eventually find one! Trajan
  6. It is still not entirely clear why some bayonets are double-marked like this although the accepted explanation is that the mark on the right hand ricasso is the blade maker, and the mark on the left the bayonet finisher, i.e. the concern that made it ready for use. The Gebruder Heller bayonets on record are all dated to between 1915-1917, but it seems that only the sawbacked versions have the Erfurt stamp. My feeling and explanation for this is that Heller did not have the equipment for adding the sawback. Gebr.Heller did make cold saws, but the teeth of a sawback have to be set diagonally to
  7. Any comments on this one? I am lacking a Greek version, and was thinking of buying this as a place holder and getting the clasp restored... TIA, Trajan
  8. A quick internet search suggests RV Pforzheim were the most common maker - is that correct?
  9. Reviving this thread as I have always been interested but have not collected these ones. BUT, I have just been offered a ribbon-less crossed swords 39 RV Pforzheim - what is the significance of these numbers?
  10. This group went to a Wilhelm Renk, served from the beginning to the end (I have the paperwork), ending as an Unteroffizier. Enjoy!
  11. Happy to help! I wonder if this was a requistioned example, given how highly decorated it is and the monogram - it went from private to state service?
  12. 33 Feld Artillerie Regiment, 5 Batterie, Waffe 4, by the look of things - that's 1. Lothringisches Feld-Artillerie-Regiment Nr. 33
  13. Certainly an impressive group there! Can we have photographs after framing as well please? Trajan
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