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  1. Some collections in my local museum, the Museun of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region the new built the old built the signatures of Duguilang Movement the certificate of The Inner Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party the suits ,photos and books for Ulanhu Awards ,papers and photos of my friend's grandfather, who was cavalryman in Inner Mongolia people's Liberation Army
  2. Hello,everyone.I am a new comer in our forum. Above pictures are myself introductions and some of my collections. As we know ,there are some collectors who can read Mongolian ,let's play a game, I won't translate myself introductions until others translate it in this post topic.
  3. Look at the pictures.Do you have any orders ,medals or badges with bullet hole like this? If you have,let's post them on the club to share together.
  4. In memory of the day of 7.27 and 8.15, let me share some rare North Korea awards including orders and medals,documents and certificates. Some of them are awarded to Korean People's Army,some are for Chinese Volunteer Army and for Soviet Red Army.All of them are Soviet made in high quality,rather than the later pin copper type.However,let's show honor to the old soldiers. if you have some like these,why not post it on our club to share together.
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