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  1. A great video, it reminded me of my youth making insignia. Although that was before the computer age so our dies were hand cut, but the bench work was the same, a lot of saw piercing and filing. I found this old silver AMN badge pressing in my scrap box. James Miller FIPG
  2. Hi Bill, that badge definitely is a bad fake, in my past I made this type of regalia and they all had George and the dragon in the centre. James
  3. I have got one of the gold, white enamelled Order of Oman miniatures somewhere, my then boss, John Padgett gave me one as a momento of the first order that was delivered on time after us in his insignia department worked 7 days a week for a month to complete on time. I shall have to seek it out.
  4. Owain, there is a higher section of the Order of Oman, I saw them being made but I didn't make any, they were actually made by Asprey jewellers in Bond Street, they were the same shapes as the 3rd and 4th stars but were set with diamonds. I forgot to mention that they were all made from 18ct white gold. I was involved in the manufacture right from the start of the order in 1970 when Qaboos came to power, I worked closely with the designer and back in those days Sultan Qaboos really liked white gold and all of the original order designs by Asprey were a mixture of golds so the designer had to r
  5. Thanks for the info folks, back in the 1960s I also made the Malysian orders we knew as AMN,JMN and SMN, all the same design but of differing sizes, I was not into photography back then but I found this photo of the order online.
  6. This was the first Abu Dhabi set that I made
  7. This is a set on the Order of al-Hussein ibn Ali that I made in 1982.
  8. These are some of the Oman orders I have made in the past.
  9. I have no idea of the name of these orders, but I made it in the early 1980s. Perhaps someone can identify them?
  10. Thanks for the translation Owain, if you are interested I have also made every British order from CBEs up to the Order of the Garter during my long career. I also made 4 Field Marshalls Batons. I also made some of the the orders for Oman, starting in the 1970s, I also made the Jordanian order Al Hussein ibn Ali a few times in the early 1980s. I stopped making regalia in 1885 when I started my own business but I still made items for Arab customers, like this. Regards, James
  11. Megan, when sorting out some of my old boxes I found these stampings of Abu Dhabi regalia bits.
  12. I have a collection of WW1 cartoons, sketches and caricatures, these are original pen and ink and pencil sketches, many drawn by WW1 RFC pilots.
  13. The original set was made by me for Asprey of Bond Street in 1972 when I worked at a goldsmiths based in Soho, London, named Padgett & Braham Ltd. When Algernon Asprey left the Asprey family firm and started his own business in Bruton Street he also took the commission for this Abu Dhabi order from Asprey, So I had to get a new set of dies made so that we could make the order for Algernon Asprey, there were other levels of this order, made in silver and gilding metal. James
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