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  1. Hello John, In your 'triple shot' photo example, with the various stages of Assmann wreaths, what style Assmann EAGLE is on the middle(A2 wreath) example? Regards, Mark
  2. Hi Steve, I had several collectors send stuff to my address for Steve to photograph. I didn't recall you being in that group, but could be wrong. I weighed and measured while Steve worked the shutter. After all the dust settled, I did provide comments about my badges, but I didn't recall info about any badges other than mine. (I could still be wrong....?) My guess is that, as you indicate, maybe the captions were inverted during the process. I do agree with you, that the Aluminum eagle on the IMME Pilot, does not match with a J1 eagle. Best Regards, Mark
  3. Steve, Is the badge in SP's book actually yours? Did you mail it to me, when Steve was in NOVA taking pictures, or did he shoot your badges seperately (which I tend to recall)? I did not write captions, per se, for the badges. I provided 'bullets' for mine, and thought I stayed away from specifics on any others, that I did not see firsthand. I know other people helped 'proof' the book. I am not 100% intimate with the all details & text. Did you check with Stephen? Maybe he has original notes. Mark
  4. How tasteful! And very sexy, close up! At a discance of about 20 cm, they look their best! Regards, Mark
  5. Thanks John, And what a beautiful arse that is. Definately at the top of my 'wants' list. Mark
  6. Hi John, A truly minty flock. They are all beautiful, of course, but am I to believe that in the lower right corner is a B&NL Flak? If so, very rare. How 'bout a rear end shot! Please. Regards, Mark
  7. Hello All, My biased opinion is ... this book will be the reference for some time to come. The last time Luft badges were covered was back in the 70s and early 80s. The images were grainy B&W photos. Information was limited. Good, questionable, and bad badges (Sea Rescue, LPAB, etc.) were mixed together. The production was rather 'sterile'. I was proud to have worked with Steve on the new publication. Every attempt was made to vet the subject material. It would be foolhardy to say that no errors have been made, but with the assistance of knowledgable Luft collectors Worldwide, from all the popular Forums, I tend to think the mistakes will be minimal. The presentation is what one would expect from Winidore Press (aka Steve Previtera). Lots of detailed images, lots of supporting award documents, lots of period portraits. It is my hope that collectors will be pleasantly surprised with the quantity of material presented, and quality of production, of the tome. Regards, Mark PS - And yes, the dimensions & weights are in Metric this time around!
  8. Rich and John, I'll have to 'fold' on this hand. I can't even ante-up. Very desirable awards you have. Regards, Mark
  9. JTW, I'm shocked it took you so long. (I hope that this time lapse is not a sign of 'life outside of the hobby'?!) Anyway, your images are perfect for what I was looking for. Super pieces. I don't know where you find all these variants, if that is the socially acceptable term di jour. But they are beautiful. It's easy to see how someone can become an Assmann enthusiast. But now what happens when we introduce the later consecutive eagles? Is it like an A1, A2, and A3 scenario, mixing wreaths and eagles? Best Regards, MM :beer:
  10. Hi Eric, and All, What a star for your collection. Another rare, and I do say rare, example. Can you post the series (Assmann Pilots or P/Os) so I can see them 1, 2, 3, etc. I know the J1-3s, but Assmanns are tougher to find. Regards, Mark
  11. ALL, Thanks for taking the time to reply! Much appreciated. Regards, Mark
  12. Hi All, What are the thoughts on this PARA? I have posted before, but with mixed reviews. Thanks for Opinions, Mark
  13. Hi John, I agree with each and all of your forementioned points! All I know is that I checked a map, and Euskirchen is near Bonn! One hellofa long distance collaboration with BSW in Wien! We stand a better chance of figuring out who 'OM' is, than figuring out the Deutschbein connection... Regards, Mark
  14. Chris, Makes as much sense as any other explanation. I still look at Juncker products. They sold their Luft badges to Deumer, and more specifically IMME. The new makermarks were stamped on the Juncker badges. Deutschbein...... German 'pants' or 'legs'.... ? WTF is that all about! Mark
  15. Hello All, Haven't seen or heard much about the infamous Deutschbein Pilot Badge recently. If they were fake, I guess we would be seeing more of them by now. Questions, comments..... Regards, Mark
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