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  1. THANKS again !!! Oh BTW, I forgot to mention the 3rd 'reference' I had to Craig as a Captain. When obtained, I also received some assorted paperwork from the seller. One document was from a researcher here in the US who specialized in UK & Commonwealth medals. ( RE: Richard 'Dick' Crawford, of Peekskill, NY USA ) He reported Craig as a Captain, along with is overall dates of service. He list the following dates as his sources; "Army List, 1918 Quarterly" / "Army List, March 1920 Monthly" / "London Gazette, 28 September 1921" <<< END. Just note that in the L.G. Date of 28 Sept., I found Craig on the 27th, not 28th ? I checked with a few older collectors as to who Crawford was, & they all replied that he was was absolutely top notch, & his reference was always spot on. Soooo, that also adds to the Captain's credibility, I think ? Honestly, if I hadn't read about the Tourmakeady ambush & Craig's participation it it, I wouldn't have grabbed it as it's not my primary collecting focus. But, as I delved ever deeper into Craig's service career, I felt I had better take it or I'd almost surely regret it down the road. As always, the hunt goes on !! Take care Gunner, Best, Dom
  2. Hello Gunner1, At this point in my research, I'm tending to believe that your above theory is the most probable. Perhaps he was appointed to a Captain's rank, either before or after his initial retirement from the 'Regular Army on 02 June 1922, IIRC. After that, it appears as if he served in the 'Reserve of Officers', a although his Reserve years aren't quite as well documented as is earlier years. The Indian Army G. Craig intrigues me somewhat, although deep down I really don't think it's him. And, I've noted that the date the 'Indian' Craig was posted to be a Captain was prior to the action in which he earned his M.B.E. ? ( M.B.E. action was on 03 May 1921 / L.G. on 27 September 1921 ) Probably just meaningless data, but worth a look I thought. ) I'm certain that as additional data becomes available online, we'll learn the full story of Lt. / Capt. George Craig, but unfortunately that may not be for a few years ? I learned years ago that sometimes you solve these riddles at the least expected times. I have an M.M. ( Geo. VI, WW2 ) that had been awarded to an American for his actions on Christmas day & night 1944. Talk about a tough research project, anyone & everyone told me I'd never solve that one. Well, after much great effort, along with the assistance of a UK friend & the PRO at Kew, we solved it. ( And, what an interesting story it revealed. ) Another interesting story revealed was an WW1 M.M. awarded to a Canadian somewhat early in the War. I purchased it as an 'Somme / Courcellette' award, tough further investigation proved it to be a a bit more desirable 'St. Eloi Craters' example. And lastly, a rather I purchased as a 'basic' WW1,Trio turned out to belong to a family member of one of the founding families of South Africa. I guess that's one reason we all collect, the preliminary hunt ! THANKS again Gunner, I'll let you know if I come up with any additional information. Take care, Dom / dpast32@aol.com
  3. Hi Gunner, THANKS again ! Yup, I've already been there. I received his 65 page Officer's Svc File a week or two ago, & although it's somewhat comprehensive, almost 35%+ of it is related to injuries he suffered in 1917, & 1918. Sadly, many of the pages tend to be almost unreadable, while others exhibit terms & codes that I'm really not familiar with ? It is possible that there is a reference in it, buried somewhere noting him as a Captain, though I haven't been able to find it. I'm reference to the unofficial naming, both I & other experienced British collector's have observed more than a few named M.B.E.'s throughout the years. This example was formerly part of Tom Nier's collection, & he was fully satisfied with it. Obviously, his Wife was convinced he was a Captain, at least for a time. It just doesn't make sense for her to include that rank in her Will ? ( She drowned in the River Foss, in York during November 1945. ) And, why would Craig, who had served H.M. Forces since age 16 incorrectly name his M.B.E., which appears to be his only gallantry decoration. ( His other medals are campaign & coronation, as in 1911 Deli Durbar, & 1914 Star - WW1 Trio ) It just doesn't add up for him to his-representative is final rank ? I'm doing my best to find his grave location & perhaps a photo of his Gravestone. It will be interesting to see what rank, if any is listed on it ? Best, dpast32
  4. I've been thinking about all the various scenarios that could be relevant here, but ? And if course, there's still the 2 mentions of him as a Captain ? 1st, why would his Wife's Will refer to him as such ? 2nd, His M.B.E. had been known to collectors since at least 1984, named to him as a Captain. The medal itself is an older example, 1919 proofed. Honestly, I've been researching medals for over 45 years now, & I have to admit this one's a real bugger ! Best, dpast32
  5. THANK YOU 'Gunner 1', I will truly appreciate it ! Firstly, I 'm glad you advised me regarding the appointed, as opposed to promoted fact. I really hadn't thought very much about it. Now, the Officer in question was; Lieutenant George CRAIG, of the 2nd Battalion, the Border Regiment. Please see; https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/156159988/person/382059931255/facts He had enlisted in the Ranks during 1905, at Edinburgh (Scotland) & served primarily with HQ Company of 17th Lancers as an Trumpeter. He was so!missions 2nd Lieutenant in Border Regiment in mid 1917. ( Initially w/ 3rd Bn., then the 2nd Bn. ) Finished up WW1 w/ 2nd Border's, & went to County Mayo, Ireland just after WW1. He received an M.B.E. in Ireland for 'gallantry during operations' on 03 May 1921 while commanding his 2 Lewis Guns against an IRA ambush. ( aka 'The Tourmakeady Affair', on the above noted date. Per L.G. 27 September 1921 ) His 1st 'retirement' was on 02 June 1922, 'Retired on Retired Pay', & then again, apparently For good circa 1929, or so. ( I think ) Well, then along came WW2, & he was 're-activated' or something similar in 1938. I've found him in the 1938 - 1941 Army Lists, all with a Lieutenant's rank. My only 'real' confirmation that Craig did in fact hold a Captain's rank, at least for time, is the reference to it within his Wife's Will, which I assume is a legal document. Please see my Ancestry Tree LINK above to view it. Craig passed away in Durham I believe in June of 1952. I'm still working on him, but would truly love to solve the Captain's rank issue. THANKS again, Best regards, dpast32 / dpast32@aol.com P.S.: I forgot to add, the initial reason I had cause to believe Craig had been a Captain was due to his M.B.E. being named to him as, 'Captain George Craig '.
  6. Hello Gentleman, Here's a relatively simple query, but one I'm truly hoping to find an definitive answer for ? As some here on the GMIC may have noticed, I've been attempting to document the long military career on an 1921 M.B.E. recipient, & would like to determine the correct, & or accepted, preferred & or 'in use' practice when documenting an Officer's promotion to an 'Acting, & or 'Temporary' rank ? The Officer I'm researching most assuredly help a Captain's rank, though it may have been either an Acting or Temporary type. >>> My question is; Would his promotion to either Acting & or Temporary Captain have been 'Gazetted' or not ? <<< I know that I've observed numerous mentions of each type in the L.G., but was their posting in the Gazette an actual requirement, or left up to the digression of the command doing the posting ? If I'm able to gain an firm answer regarding this practice, I may be getting closer to solving this particular riddle. THANK YOU Gents, Best, dpast32 / dpast32@aol.com
  7. Hello Dave, I THANK YOU very much for your kind reply. This particular M.B.E. is one of the most difficult medals that I've ever attempted to research !! Although I have managed to make excellent progress in some areas, the Captain's rank issue appears to be almost impossible to solve. As far as I'm aware, even if Craig's promotion was a 'Temporary' or 'Acting' type, it definitely would have been Gazetted, right ? I've searched all over, but can't find any reference to a Captain's rank except for one place. That place is within his late Wife's Will ( a legal document ), which refers to him as an Captain, H. M. Forces, Army. Also, per the "1939, England & Wales Register" he is noted as either being a member of, or having served in the "County Durham Special Constabulary". { Just in case it's needed, his home address on the 1939 Register was; 12 Oak Terrace, Bishop Auckland, Durham. } So, the above noted 'Will' is the only actual documented evidence of Craig being a Captain, other than as engraved on the reverse of his M.B.E. I've just contacted the County Durham Archives, hoping that perhaps they might have some information pertaining to their Special Constables, though I'm doubtful of my chances for success with this request. I would truly love to be able to 'fully' document Craig's life & service career. He really appears to have been a dedicated servent to the Crown ! He continued to serve throughout his lifetime albeit in few different ways. He enlisted at age 16 in the Army, served 12+ years in the ranks, before being Commissioned in 1917 to the 2nd Battalion, Border Regiment. He served with them until his 1st retirement, in June 1922 when placed on the Reserve of Officer's. During this time, he served with the Special Constabulary, until 1939 - 1939, when given an Emergency Commission for the WW2 years. His M.B.E was for gallantry during the Tourmakeady Affair, of 03 May 1921 in County Mayo, Ireland. Ohhh, how I would just love to reunite his complete medal group !! I THANK YOU again Dave for your reply, & ask that you please let know if you ever come across anything else pertaining to Lieut. / Captain George Craig. Take care, Best regards, Dom Pastore Jr. / dpast32@aol.com
  8. Hello Gentleman, I am pleased to report that I'm truly ecstatic over my recent, & most welcome find regarding an M.B.E. Award I posted about here somewhat recently. { RE: 1st Lieutenant George CRAIG, 2nd Battalion, Border Regiment. } I wasn't at all certain as to where I should post this, but as it primarily related to the Special Constabulary, I figured that this particular Sub-Forum was as good as any ? So, when I obtained this MBE, everything appeared to be proper & correct, other than it being unofficially named. Now yes, we all know that MBE's were not named, at least not officially. However, I have observed, & I'm sure that many other Forum members have observed 'un-officially' named / engraved examples over the years. Many Commonwealth Officer's & Other Ranks were find of having their decorations privately engraved, especially the gallantry awards. Also, I traced & verified this media's provenance back to 1985, & was fortunate enough to obtain a letter from the current owner to the prospective purchaser. In it, he details all it's relevant facts, along with it being named when purchased by him, from the U.K. circa the 1970's. So personally, I harbor no doubts as to it's originality. But I'm getting off track here. My real question here is; @>>> Did the WW2 era U.K. Special Constabulary have the Rank of Captain ? <<<@ I just learned the recipient served during WW2 with the ' Monmouthshire, Wales - Special Constabulary', & is 'reported by still be there in 1945', based upon information contained in his Wife's Will, a legally submitted document. ( Trying to get a copy of it, if possible. ) If anyone's interested in learning more about this seriously dedicated Officer, just advise & I'll Post a Link(s) to my Ancestry.com Tree for him. He initially enlisted in British Army in 1905 at age 16, & apparently was still serving the Crown in 1945, at age 57 !!! ( Yes, that's also noted in Wife's Will. ) Soooo, if any of our U.K. Law Enforcement / Special Constabulary experts would be so kind as to assist me with this, I'd be extremely appreciative. THANK YOU Best regards, Dom Pastore Jr. / dpast32@aol.com
  9. Hello Gentleman, I've been attempting to document the military service career of my Great Uncle, but unfortunately have lost my ability to speak & read Italian. Due to that fact, it's been extremely difficult to learn anything about him, other what little I've managed to compile off of Ancestry.com. I know he was awarded various medals & decorations, as I've viewed several photographs of him wearing them. Unfortunately, I only ended up with a few of his photos, though not the one's with all the medals. ( I do however have 1 or 2 of him in Italian Navy uniform, & he's wearing his ribbon bar. I'm looking for those photos now, & will run to post them when found. ) @@ >>> MY ACTUAL QUESTION IS; Could anyone here on the GMIC possibly assist me in learning ANYTHING about my Great Uncle ? BELOW, I've included the LINK to 'his' page on my Ancestry Family Tree, & that should provide enough to at least initiate a cursory search. I'm especially interested in his military career, and or anything related to it. I don't even know where he was born, or passed away, other than in Italy. I'm addition to the Link, there's also a brief bit of data pertaining to his Gravestone 's inscription. If anyone could assist me with this, I will be MOST DEEPLY APPRECIATIVE. If I have to hire a researcher, I will, but It would be nice to at least have some background on him to begin with. THANK YOU !! Best regards, dpast32 / dpast32@aol.com @ >>> LINK: https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/18661829/person/20131531247/facts @ >>> WW1 - WW2 ERA's • ITALIAN - "REGIA MARINA" / ITALIAN NAVY @ >>> Michele PASTORE, Served in the ITALIAN NAVY / 'REGIA MARINA', apparently as an Career Sailor. His Gravestone, in Italy is inscribed as follows; "MARESCIALLO MARINA MILITATE", along with his Name, Dates of Birth & Death BORN: 17 APRIL 1884, in ITALY DIED: 25 JUNE 1974, in ITALY THANKS AGAIN !!!
  10. THANK YOU Guys, That's kind of what I was thinking. He was in the R.M. from 1907 to circa 1922 or so. I can grab the group for $190 USD, which I figured wasn't too bad of a price. I may see if I can still snag it. I'll keep everyone posted. THANKS Gents !! Best, Dom
  11. Hello Peter,  Many THANKS for your prompt & kind reply. I have a chance to pick that 4 piece group up for $200 USD, delivered. Although it's not within my current collection focus, it does appear to be quite a nice little WW1 Trio group. IIRC, Any LSGC Medals when accompanied by a Trio would sell for decent money. For some reason, they appear to have stabilized somewhat in price ? I also wasn't sure if a group to an Royal Marine Band Musician would be deemed more valuable that some others ? Well, again I THANK YOU for your kind reply, Take care,


          Best,  Dom Pastore Jr. / dpast32@aol.com

    1. peter monahan

      peter monahan


      My pleasure.  I'm a retired teacher who can't resist instructing people! ;)  And lots of time on my hands.  Much of which I spend in the world of the Great War, researching and teaching. 

      I haven't actually bought many medals or groups in a good long while,  so I can't comment in detail on prices, but they do tend to be cyclical and reflect the general economy as well, as nobody really 'needs' a 2,nd, 3rd or 7th trio to the Bogshire LI. 

      I  agree that the R Marines have an edge on the RN in terms of price.  Also feel that an LSGC adds value to a group, as it indicates someone who was not just a 'hostilities only' type.  So, it sounds as if you got a good group for a good price!  I hope all your collecting endeavours go as well.

      Happy 2019!




  12. Hello Gentleman, Hello All, I'm seeking to determine the approximate value an WW1 Royal Marine 1914 - 15 TRIO, with a LSGC ? Everything is correctly named to a 'Trumpeter' in the RM Band. It includes what appears to be his Service File, & shows that he served on numerous vessels during the War. He was present at Jutland, although his assigned ship wasn't really involved in any of the action. Could anyone PLEASE advise you as to this groups approximate value ? I have a chance to own it, but I 'd like to be sure about it's relative value. THANK YOU Best, dpast32 THANK YOU, Gentleman Best, Dom / dpast32@aol.com
  13. Hi Elmer, You are indeed correct. I just re-read the document, ( My reference copy ) & the 'title' is as you indicated. It states; "LA CROCE AL MERTITO DO GUERRA". There's also some other data at both the top & bottom of it that I didn't note initially. there's also something is noted at the bottom, which appears to be; 'Bollettino C.M.G. 151' ( 1 problem is that when copying it, it was still in it's frame, & m printer was set on 'economy print', which produces less detailed, lighter copies. I'm trying to find the original document, & see what I can do to get it posted here on the GMIC. I'll keep you updated. THANKS Best, dpast32
  14. Hello Elmer, I THANK YOU so very much for your kind & prompt reply. I've had a basic idea as to this document's meaning, but needed someone to confirm & explain some of the not so we'll understood terms. I obtained this locally, & am fairly certain that the recipient was a local man who has since passed away. As soon as I have some free time, I'll delve into that aspect. Also, I'll dig out the original document & look it over again to determine exactly what it says. I'm working off a photocopy of it, as I usually perform my research using copies. That way, the original remains safe & filed away. The recipient must have been relatively proud of this award, as when obtained it was neatly framed & obviously had been well cared for. My own Great Uncle had been a career Sailor in the Regia Marina, circa WW1 & WW2 era's. He is referred to as an "Matesciallo Marina Militare". I assume that his Gravestone doesn't state "Regia Marina" due to the fact that he passed away in 1974, well past the date when R.M. was last used ? ( Just for reference, he was; Michele Pastore, IIRC, the Manfredonia area. Born on 17 April 1884 / Died on 25 June 1974 ) I'm quite interested in learning anything I can about him, & of course B. Ferruccio, but not being fluent in Italian, I'm sure this will be very difficult. I THANK YOU again for your very informative reply, & will try to get a photo posted sometime soon. Best regards, Dom Pastore Jr. / dpast32@aol.com
  15. Hello Gentlemen, I'm attempting to determine exactly what the following data indicates. It's listed on a 1947 dated document awarding the recipient the, "la Croce al Merito Militare", which I understand to mean the Cross of Military Merit. Above all that text is, "Marina Militare", which was the Italian Navy. My real question is if someone could PLEASE educate me as to the meaning of the following; >>> "S. Capo Segn. - matr. 97289 - cl. 1919, Ferruccio BENVENUTO fu Giuseppe. Then, "l? Confessione - Part. Combatt." <<< Below that is the date of 19 November 1947, along w/ what appears to be the authorizing agency or similar entry. <<< If anyone would be so kind as to PLEASE translate this for me, I'll really appreciate it. THANK YOU
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