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  1. Here are three of mine The 2 on the right are made by Paulmann & Crone
  2. German Christian Church Movement3rd National Conference Eisenach, Oct 10-12, 1936 German Christian National Church Movement 4th National Conference Eisenach, Oct 9-11, 1937
  3. Thank you Ulsterman for the quick ID. I think I have some tinnies of that organization lying around. I will find them and post them soon so everyone can see.
  4. Thank you Robin for the quick response! I got that item about 20 yrs ago in a lot purchase for a really cheap price and I was always leery about it.
  5. Looks like very late war, stamped non-magnetic sheet metal with 3 tabs, 29 x 30 mm, no maker marks, looks good but not sure. Let me know what you think.
  6. Wow, that was quick! Thank you Warlord for the ID and the info on the the box and the two classes. Has this award been mentioned in any reference books? Any info when instituted? Award criteria? Any photos of it in wear?
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