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  1. Hi there guys The two Observer wings have been labelled 1923-1935 Observer wings for the Italian Air Force. They are quite different. Can anyone help I identifying these badges or pointing me in the right direction to gain information on Italian Air Force badges? Sorry about the quality. Kind regards, Doug
  2. Hi there Jan

    Managed to drag the photos into the email. The first 2, without the shield, are the mystery ones. The third photo is that of the 1968 pilot. How long did th3 1968 badge last for and what doesthe current Czech pilot badge look like?

    Kind regards


    cz pilot.png

    cz master pilot.png

    cz 1968 gold shield.png

    1. arrestanddevelopment


      Hi ,

      curious if you had any more info on this unknown, i was told its a modern czech pilots but cant find refrence ??





  3. Hi there Megan

    Any more thoughts on your post re Singapore Armed Forces  on 27/7/2007? Pretty sure it was you, unless there is another Megan.





    1. Megan


      Do you have a link to this post? I went on a hunt but could not find it.

      Now, the orders, decorations and medals of Singapore I can talk yards about...


    2. seaeagle


      Hi there Megan

      Insignia , Awards And Decorations Of The Singapore Armed Forces

      Started by Ibrahim Ahmad, 27 Jul 2007


      Then you did several replies, one on badges of rank and then Appointments & Qualification Badges, which had  photos of some RSAF wings.






  4. Hi there Megan

    I noticed that you had quite a few RSAF badges on this forum a few years ago. I am doing some research into all Commonwealth brevets/wings and was wondering if you could help me?

    Kind regards

    Doug Simpson

  5. Hi there

    I am new to this forum and have an interest in brevets (wings). I noticed that you wrote on SAAF brevets a while ago and was wondering if we could communicate on SAAF brevets. I am doing some research on SAAF, SA Army and Rhaf brevets and I am getting very confused. Some help would be much appreciated or if you can point me in the direction of someone in this forum who is a full bottle on SAAF matters.

    Kind regards


    1. jamyam



      I would be very happy to share information on SAAF & Rhodesian brevets. I am not an expert but I do have a fairly representative collection and I am slowly beginning to make sense of the enormous range of brevets issued over the years by the SAAF. My direct email is john@jamurdoch.co.uk

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