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  1. That's perfect, Gordon! THANKS! My father did have some navigation books that he saved, so it is possible that he was a Steuermann. I have little to go on. Marion Sorry I didn't post this while he was alive. The image that I posted is cropped from one that he is in. I don't know who the three are that had the shoulder insignias, so I don't feel comfortable posting their faces. As I said, he didn't talk about his service, so I don't think I can help much. Cheers, Marion
  2. My father was one of a four-man mine-sweeper. The photo I have of him doesn't show his insignia, but the other three are as shown here. Can someone explain the meanings of the symbols and what the duties of the "4th man" may have been? He's passed away now and didn't want to speak of the war. Thanks, Marion
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