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  1. Another example of your wit combined with humour and truth. Whilst I agree with you on the amount paid to sporting figures &c, I have to say what would we do without “bread and circus?” I don’t subscribe to it but what is there for the masses to do? We, as individuals, have little to offer to Earth possibly destruction, but until then what? Art? Now that is too subjective to be considered. Architecture? Once again subjective and not relevant to most people I feel. There are many more I suspect. In light of this heroes are necessary, warts and all.
  2. Gad Brian you have done it again! My collection has neither waxed nor waned but rather remained static. Stuart
  3. I always assumed that an avatar was simply the image/graphic that best illustrated one's proclivities, (oops, perhaps some synonyms are in order - penchant, preference, taste, interest, hobby - I had better leave it there). I have always used my name as a user-name as it seems "cheating" not to do so. As Brian says " I never use an avatar name whether here or commenting on the Internet because if I am willing to put something down in writing I am will to stand by what I say. " One man's fish is another's poisson. Stuart
  4. Comedy, wit, irreverence and intelligence. Brian you have it in spades. Stuart
  5. Why does it seem that “everyone” thinks 2017 was such a bad year? The way the world is going 2018 could well be worse.
  6. Brian, I shall eat some iron today! The truck has turned out to be a triumph but what happened to -
  7. Brian, I am still waiting for the autobiography. Stuart
  8. The three fold puggaree indicates 1941. The Puggaree being a different colour is a little "suss" but being colour-blind I can't comment further. The foil interior lining was patented in 1933 and the Vero's liner in 1925. The latter was by far the most used system for headbands. The flash was of 3" x 2" blue with embroidered Sphinx and a blue over red stripe as the top folds of the puggaree as defined by the 1929 clothing regulations. However, it is doubtful that such was the case at this later stage of WWII. The puggaree badge is interesting as it seems to have the word "EGYPT"
  9. I am colourblind but looking at my 21st Hussars Busby I would say light blue/grey, Stuart
  10. Andy, I didn't get a notification of your post so sorry for the delay. The badge is lugged. I shall photograph the rear shortly. Stuart
  11. I just looked into Captain R.J. MacDonald's book The History of the Dress of the Royal Regiment of Artillery and he simply states that the change to cup-and-ball occurred on 1st August 1881. Pity he did not give any reason. Stuart
  12. I have always held that the design of the Home Service Helmet was derived from the felt/cork/wicker Foreign Service Helmet first used in India. However, here is an extract from Hansard 1878 kindly supplied by Chris from another forum - "LORD TRURO regretted that the noble Viscount had not gone further into the subject. There were, he understood, serious objections to the new helmet. One corps to which it had been furnished complained that a man who wore it could not raise his rifle to his shoulder without knocking off his helmet. Then, if spikes were worn on the artillerymen's helmets
  13. A Volunteer Artillery helmet with spike. The lower scroll simply says Artillery Volunteers. More commonly the scroll was of the unit eg. HANTS ARTILLERY. The UBIQUE scroll was left blank, had a laurel leaf spray (Militia) or was absent. Stuart
  14. With the introduction of the blue cloth or Home Service Helmet in May, 1878 for the RFA and the RGA the spike was authorised. This was changed in August 1881, to the ball-in-cup pattern. Does anyone know the official reason for this change? W.Y. Carman says - But this is only assumption or supposition. Stuart A photo of an Artillery Volunteer c1878 with spike to helmet.
  15. And so it finally begins! Sycophancy is never a "clever" thing. Nor is attempting to be an expert in everything. Stuart
  16. I cannot comment on the drum itself, but I have to agree with Jock (both of them). But it seems that even the administrators will not move to eradicate such endeavours as Kevin practices, and I have tried that course. There have been some very silly statements made about the provenance and authenticity of this drum. To provide any dealer as provenance is a nonsense. It is akin to my selling one of my helmets and claiming the provenance to be "I am selling one of my helmets." What a nonsense. On the same note I saw that the provenance for lot 184 of the same auction as "Property of a lady,
  17. I must have got myself confused as Major Haig's HP does not prove anything concerning the HP that I originally posted which does have the scroll. I am looking at a BC helmet described as being to the RE and it also lacks any scroll whatsoever. http://www.collectorssource.com/headwea ... n-tin.html The accompanying tin has "Royal Engineers Services" on the plaque so I wonder if there is a connection. I did start a post on "Royal Engineer Services" on another forum but we failed to come to a definitive conclusion. Stuart
  18. Will Mathieson has solved the problem with this "photo" from his research of Major H. de H. Haig, R.E. However, it begs the question as to why the variation from the "sealed pattern" RE plate? Stuart
  19. Kevin, you said you like to ruffle feathers so this should keep you going. For everyone's information http://auctions.freemansauction.com/auction-lot-detail/Early%20Georgian%20Scottish%20military%20drum,%20circa%201720,%20probably%20/1511+++++163+/++919551 Stuart
  20. Hello Kevin, I see that you are getting the same reception here as on the forum where we “disagreed” on your using forums to garner information to sell items recently or about to be purchased. I stated then and re-state now that I am against both this somewhat “parasitic” approach, and to the giving of valuations to which Brian has stated the objections rather well. Nothing more need be said as it has already been said by the other members. Stuart
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