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  1. So around 1945. That’s great. Many thanks for taking the time to reply!
  2. Good evening, Have had this wound badge since I can remember. I know nothing about these. I wonder if anyone is able to provide me with some info on this one? Many thanks.
  3. Good evening, I seem to have had this award forever but don’t know much about these. I am assuming this is a genuine. I wondered if anybody could date this for me? The number inscribed on the back is 2068572. Many thanks!
  4. Hi Simon, Many thanks and sorry for the very late reply. Regards, simon
  5. Simon, Thats great, thank you very much! Your time and efforts are appreciated!
  6. Here are the names that may relate to the cap badges.Henry E Richards. Born 1878George F Richards. Born 1880Frederick A Richards. Born 1883John William Richards. Born 1867John Richards. Born 1842All born in London in areas of St Pancras, Islington, Tufnell Park.
  7. Hi Simon, I shall get some names from my mother soonest. Many thanks and regards.
  8. Hi Mike, Thats great! Many thanks for the info and the help! Regards, Simon
  9. Good evening, I have come across a box of family heirlooms and am trying to find a relationship here. I'm not sure if anybody would be able to cast some light. As you can see I have a broach bearing a small photograph, the broach says Mafeking. One of the cap badges is for the Finsbury Rifles but I cannot date this particular badge. The other two badges are the same, I cannot date or find the regiment but they bear the Latin motto: Motto: Honi soit qui mal y pense. Many thanks for any insights.
  10. Hi Tim, many thanks for taking the time to check and to reply. Paul, that's great info and again many thanks for taking the time to get this info and to reply. I have him on the 'Canada, British Regimental Registers of Service 1756 - 1900 (90th Foot Soldiers 1816-1841)' with some of that info, but not certain if that means he spent time in Canada? Also, I assume that the 90th Foot is the 90th Regiment of Foot (Perthshire Volunteers) (Light Infantry)? I apologise for my ignorance, but the British Army and the era is not really my area of expertise. Also wondering why an Oxfordshire bo
  11. Hi, I am helping family with some Ancestry research and wondered if anybody would be able to point me in the right direction for a family member who served in British Army between 1839 - 1861. I have never researched this area so would appreciate some pointers and tips. The information I have is from UK, Royal Hospital Chelsea Pensioner Soldier Service Records, 1760-1920 Name: Pte. Benjamin Treadwell Service Start Year: 1839 Service End Year: 1861 Regiment: 91st REG. OF Foot Regimental Number: 90th Reg/1569 91/1602 Any help greatly appreciated and many t
  12. Remember that during the war, for security reasons a cap tally would just read a simple 'HMS' so as not to give ships names away. This may well have been a throw back into early post war.
  13. Again pictures from the airlift, I think they speak for themselves.
  14. Hi, I have recently been given my grandfathers service documents and photos and thought I would share some of them here. I don't know a lot of the details as I am still researching him, but I do know he was an RAF cadet in 1943 and went on to become a signaller in Dakotas. Most importantly for this thread, he was involved in the Berlin airlift of which I have a handful of pictures, but I must confess that I do not know much about the period. Hopefully there maybe some experts out there. Anyway, I hope these images are of some interest.
  15. I would put forward the suggestion that this is a commissioned officers cap and too ornate for a non-commissioned rank such as Petty Officer or Chief Petty Officer. I couldn't comment on the dating but I would say anywhere from rank of Sub Lt - Lt Cdr based on the fact that there is no gold braid around the peak of the cap that would suggest the rank of a senior officer such as Commander or above. Interesting links here: http://www.onesixth.co.uk/vb4forum/showthread.php?2198-WWII-Royal-Navy-Ratings http://www.thehistorybunker.co.uk/acatalog/British_headgear.html#a1725 http://www.m
  16. Hi, I have never come across an item like this before but I have only managed to find one reference to this pencil, perhaps you would be able to contact the Hood Association through their site for more details? An educated guess would be that the bookstall was on the ship for buying related memorabilia to send to loved ones. Much the way servicemen can buy ships/unit crested zippo lighters from the NAAFI.. http://www.hmshood.com/hoodtoday/today3.htm
  17. Hi James, no problems at all, glad to be of help. You will find mention of Mock on chpt 44/45 in this text, but there may be more? He is mentioned as RNVR here.. http://www.archive.org/stream/northernbarr...itrich_djvu.txt For others who may be interested here is a link to the Yankee Mining Squadron http://www.archive.org/stream/yankeemining...00belk_djvu.txt
  18. Hi James and welcome Here is an interesting article with potentially your guy getting a mention, nothing else found as yet, I will let you know http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2003/aug/26/military.johnezard
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