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  1. Bermuda Regiment collar badge, Officers I think. cheers sean
  2. Hi does anyone know if this is a medical related badge? Maybe QARANC? cheers sean
  3. Hi Simon thats the badge worn by the British Military Mission to Greece during the war and up to about 1947 cheers sean
  4. Thanks Simon, I initially found one a few years ago in a junk shop in Athens, I thought it was British Troops India, worn by the last contingent before hand over in 1947, I will post some pictures later. this one turned up on eBay a couple of weeks ago, I missed out on it but what surprised me was it was also located in Athens! That's what got me wondering about a British Military Mission Greece link??
  5. This particular one isn't mine so can't help with that sorry cheers sean
  6. Hi i spotted this armband but was wondering why the words are in German and English, could it have been worn by Fire Brigades under the Control Commission Germany post 1945? regards sean
  7. Does anyone have any ideas about this badge, it's very similar to the British Military Mission to Greece but with a Union Flag as opposed to A Greek one. cheers Sean
  8. The fact that there is what appears to be a college scarf and cap would also make sense. cheers sean
  9. Here is the stable belt worn by Welbeck College the Army's sixth form college, hope it helps cheers sean
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