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  1. I've asked myself this many times ... Is there a precise explanation for the use of the pink bars? (I saw pink bars on many blue ribbons too ...) Thanx Dan
  2. "IMHO On" The first model is definitely the final version, with polished reverse and without enamels. The sandblasting is usually an intermediate treatment aimed at regularizing the background, which generally precedes enamels or polishing, so the second medal could be a transitional production datable between the middle and the end of 1945; already treated to be enameled but in the end remained "incomplete" and delivered as is. This could also explain the "sandblasting" of the Golden Kite, probably suspended before the completion of the final treatments of the last examples
  3. So is this all? No bright ray of your light will comes to dismount my (late, humble and worthless) "personal opinion" ? Ohh ! May it be because the truth is just a little bit difficult to dismount ? Did you notice that this is exactly the same thing that I said in post 2, 4 and 6 after yours? Think about it. best regards Dan
  4. I'm still waiting for your breath my prophet ... please, show me the way. Dan Expand
  5. I think you are the confused one. But really confused. You can ask what you want, but I am free to answer you when I want, if I want, if I have time and, above all, only if you ask for intelligent things and with the right tone .. June 2020 was a very difficult time here, and the arrogant claim of a snow picture just because you don't know it's winter, it was a stupid thing to pretend, in the wrong tone and at the worst time. I am a polite person, so it's only to avoid having to tell you these things that I did not answer you right away. Anyway, I am not your student, your pa
  6. Unfortunately I'm not so familiar with Mint's website as you are, but when I looked for this I was lucky enough to find a link that pointing there and there I found what I was looking for... Then : Verify reliability of the source : It is Ok (and with the mint site, this usually should be enough). Check compatibility with others data already in my archives : no contrary evidence. Look for tracks of existing 7° class green back medal before 1946 : not found (and never seen). Deep search everywere for people or topic with contrary certitudes/evidences/opinions : not foun
  7. Oops, sorry, I did not see... The source is an article on the chronological history of the Order found a few years ago on the website of Japanese mint. The green reverse of 7th Class was downgraded to silver near the end of 1945. This info was shared and confirmed by some friends in japan and any my subsequent studies (I always verify my information carefully) has always confirmed this data: Nobody seems to have ever seen "all silver" 7th Class medals before 1946. Dan
  8. Maybe I have been misunderstood. About a year ago I read a declassified American intelligence report, dated 1945. In this document all the paramilitary associations active at that time were mentioned, including this one. The description was : (I summarize because at this moment I can't find the original document): "Paramilitary association founded on January 1, 1896 by Major General Kawakami Soroku to give assistance and comfort to the soldiers who had fought the first Sino-Japanese war. (......). In 1935 (I don't remember where, but I think it was in the kansai ) a new
  9. Order of Sacred Treasure was accessible also to women only from 1919. Order of Rising Sun and Paulownia Flowers has also been accessible to women since May 2003.
  10. If anyone still cares, this should simply mean "Temüjin" (Genghis Khan) in mongol.
  11. Wow ... then it's true ! So this is just an instruction "how to wear the badge" and it's was wrote under the pin ... My god... It's incredible. Thanx Dan
  12. Uhmmm... Are you sure about this ? I believe that in origin it had the same name but was not the same group. I seem to remember that this one was founded in 1935 and then merged with the other in 1936. Am I wrong ? Thanx Dan.
  13. Good morning everyone. I just seen an interesting inscription partially hidden under the pin on the reverse of only members' Badge suspension (it's not on merit badges). This inscription is "半襟一掛", that seems to say "to wear on the midlle of collar" (?) Is this correct ? Thank you for answers.
  14. It seems to be an original Nomohan medal with bad polishing...
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