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  1. Hello , Just saw the pictures... It is an Original Ottoman Mint Made Medjidie Commander Cross. Avsar Ibar
  2. And some detailed pictures of it .... for the ones whom interest ... Avsar IBAR
  3. The case is %100 fake - new made by a German Collector , Mr.Faruk Cambaz . The Bbco TWM is a genuine piece , inside the fake box .
  4. Dear Owain , Gordon is right , you have a very interesting and attractive Medjidie ... Very , very nice piece ! All the best , Avsar Ibar
  5. To hear this " magnificent " words about my book , from a well know worldwide expert , a well known gentleman ; from Paul Wood I can only say ; THANK YOU !!! Avsar Ibar
  6. Dear Makedon , Thank you very much for your kind words , i am very happy that you like the book " Ottoman Empire's Order of the Medjidie and Order of the Osmanie " . Best Regards , Avsar Ibar Dear Megan , I will ship your book monday ( 18 June ) to United Kingdom as it is one of the biggest holidays right now in Turkey and none of the shipping services including the DHL , UPS , FEDEX and even National post is not working until monday . All the best , Avsar
  7. Dear Onevoyager , I am happy that you bought and like my book . I tried to explain many details and different variations of the Medjidie and Osmanie orders in this book . It is an outcome of hardwork and i am getting many positive feedbacks , like the one from you ... Those positive feedbacks worth all the work . In the future , I may write a book about Ottoman Medals too ... Kind Regards , Avsar Ibar
  8. Dear Mr.Erman , Thank you very , very much for your kind words and thoughts regarding the book , " Ottoman Empire's Order of the Medjidie and Order of the Osmanie " Honestly , it is my pleasure to know that you like my book . Kind Regards , Avsar IBAR
  9. Hello , Both orders are original , ok . Both Ottoman Mint made but different periods... The one without the ribbon is guatanteed 4th class , the one with neck ribbon is 2nd or 3rd class . Good luck ! Avsar
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