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  1. I got this extraordinary chain, identification of bearer should be possible, please help! Thanks to all!
  2. I doubt somebody is able to detect new ribbons if he does not have the medal bar in his hands.
  3. Martin Zöllner, born March 28th 1857, commander of 2nd Bavarian Inf.Rgt., General around 1906, retired around 1908.
  4. On first glance not very sensational, but: -Belonged to Bavarian Generalmajor Manfred Zöllner -Has the rare Bavarian MVO Knights cross 2nd class on 1st place
  5. In my eyes this extraordinary document is doubtless worth this price.
  6. He is old enough to decide what he is doing and no man alive has the right to judge about his business behavior.
  7. He is, but although it is in the midle of nowhere there are computers also in Gunzenhausen!!!
  8. There is no number of awards in the colonies. Awards were made until 1921/22 by the Reichskolonialamt, also for policemen. Unfortunately most records were lost in WW2.
  9. These additional names were not nicknames. Most come from the Middle Ages and were assigned to farms or estates. So for example the buyer XYZ of the farm named "ABC" got the name then XYZ genannt ABC. Instead of "genannt" one also can find terms like vulgo, modo, vel, alias.
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