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  1. Can anyone confirm the identity of this Mess Dress. I have bern told it may be London Irish c1880.
  2. I finally got round to taking some more photos of the LRDG badge in my possession showing the markings. Can anyone offer any info. By the way I am not sure what carrot gold it is
  3. Thanks. I was a bit suspicious when I saw the date but as I am not very well versed in UK headgear I sought advice from the more knowledgeable. Sometimes it is difficult to be sure especially when items are among genuine items especially when I know the provenance of the genuine items. Again thanks
  4. A nice collection of American insignia I was recently given. I thought they may be of interest.
  5. I am looking for some advice on the attached Parachute Regiment beret. I have looked up a number of articles but am still confused. The badge is brass with two lugs. Was there ever a brass badge. The beret is dated and well worn. I got this and a number of other pre & post war headdress with two wartime dated battledress uniforms, DPM para smock and wartime dated flight suit. Not interested in the monetary value only authenticity.
  6. I have recently been given this LRDG Badge. It is 18 carrot Gold. Can anyone give me any information on its origin.
  7. I am looking for information as to when the Ulster Defence Regiment wore these jackets. I have Jacket highland & Lowland all with UDR buttons and collars. Would appreciate any information,
  8. I have this broach and would like some help in identifying its date of use. I would also like a photograph of it in use if anyone has one. The main broach was originally that of the Saint Andrews University OTC. The university badge has been removed and a UDR Beret Badge inserted in its place. The badge is crudely fixed.
  9. Hi Dave, both tunics are different pattern. The one on the right of photo is more "formal" and more "Military". I think the one on the left is more than likely "band".
  10. Hi all. For some time i have had both of these uniforms and only recently got around to ohotigraphing them. I would like assistance in establishing when/what they were worn.i have photographed both tunics to show slight difference in colour and style.
  11. Most likely a different manufacture period. I will try to dig out both uniforms and photograph them with the trousers and post them to the site
  12. Hi Peter I am looking for any additional information you may have on the RUC "dress" uniforms as I have two different (slightly) coloured tunics, there is also a slight difference in both trousers. Have you ever come across a photograph of the dress being worn. I forgot to mention only one of the tunics appear to have been "pierced for collar insignia
  13. Hi Peter, I came across your photos of the RUC Dress Uniform. I have two slightly different types and I am looking for information. Did you ever manage to find photos of the uniforms being worn

    1. Peter Mc

      Peter Mc

      There are a few photos of the RUC mess jacket being worn but by members of the RUC band. Why not post up your variations?


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