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  1. The Cross looks OK. Ask for details of receipient on War Relics Forum - in Polish Militaria. Rafal
  2. It's a modern copy of the badge from this regiment. Cheers Rafal
  3. It's a copy of the badge for the 10th Hussars Regiment from Polish Army in Exile. Genuin badge for the regiment was made in 1983 - in fact as veterans badge. Rafal
  4. Linas, Polish Army in Exile helmets are being heavily faked. I would stay away of helemts without proved provenience! Rafal
  5. There are several variants of this badge - tens of thousands (or even more) were awarded.
  6. Hello, I visit this nice forum from time to time. I found this rather older interesting thread. I would like to add an info about use of SF wings by Polish troopers associated with 2 formations: - Independent Grenadier Company - formed to be dropped into occupied France within Bardsea operation (cancelled) - School of Specialists established on request of OSS - several teams were dropped into Germany in February and March of 1945 (operation Eagle). The SF wings were officially given to soldiers by Polish MOD who were fully trained for combat operations. It also means t
  7. It's hard to associate both items without any story behind. The badges of 1st Grenadiers Division were issued and produced in UK and Italy (Lorioli) after French Campaigne.
  8. Paul, The only such webpages are different forums, especially WRF. Rafal
  9. Hello. The set looks OK. Badges and patch come from 3rd Carpathian Rifles Division - a part of 2nd Polish Corps. Only the spinner of miniature is wrong for this badge. Greetings Rafal
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