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  1. I am looking to sell this here on GMIC and was wondering what a fair price is to ask. I don't want to give it away, but I am not looking to sell higher than market value either. The sooner the better.

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    After receiving some sound advice, I have decided to sell my WWI LOH Knight's medal for $50. I only ship on Sunday nights and Monday mornings regardless of when you buy the item. I'll miss her, but she'll surely find a good home here. There is nothing to hide, as the photos show every detail. Comes from a smoke and pet free home. Feel free to ask questions. My wife packs things very well, so no worries on that end.


  3. Thank you for taking the time to get back to me. I appreciate your expertise. The members of this forum have always had a sincere appreciation of medals more so than other forums I frequent. Thanks again.
  4. I am looking to sell this here on GMIC and was wondering what a fair price is to ask. I don't want to give it away, but I am not looking to sell higher than market value either. The sooner the better.
  5. That's great news! Thank you so much! I was looking to sell this on GMIC because this has always been the place where people seem to have a genuine interest in medals. What would be a fair price to ask for this? I don't want to give it away, but I am not looking to sell it for more than market value either. I would rather sell it sooner than later.
  6. Thank you so much for getting back to me! I greatly appreciate it!
  7. May I please have help with this Croix de Guerre?
  8. Please help me with this Legion d'Honneur?
  9. usmilitariaforum.com would be able to answer you. There are quality WWI aviation collectors there.
  10. You might want to check out theaerodrome.com/forum or usmilitariaforum.com. There are plenty of people who collect wwi aviation items on both.
  11. Here's a couple more pics: http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d47/Yank44/IMG_1210-1.jpg http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d47/Yank44/IMG_1214.jpg http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d47/Yank44/IMG_1215.jpg
  12. Why not buy mannequin heads? That's what I use. I keep all of my WWI/WWII aviator flight helmets, goggles, Class A caps, etc. on mannequin heads to keep the shape of the leather and prevent wrinkles. http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d47/Yank44/IMG_1108.jpg http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d47/Yank44/IMG_1115.jpg http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d47/Yank44/IMG_1116.jpg http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d47/Yank44/IMG_1210.jpg
  13. Can you post a pic of the uniform? That would help. His collar insignia and wings would be useful because they would narrow down the search a bit. The collar insignia can indicate regular army, reserve, signal corp, etc. They were also made in France, England, and many jewelers in the U.S. The wings also varied greatly, so that would help. It's not Rickenbacker because he was awarded four palms on his Croix de Guerre and his Victory Medal had about six battle clasps on it. Try the guys on theaerodrome.com as well. They're very knowledgeable.
  14. It is human nature to only support the side you agree with. Left, right, middle, whatever. There is inherant bias in all humanity. To deny it is inhuman.
  15. Undertsand I und willigt Sir ein. Bitte schie?en Sie mich nicht.
  16. If we are going to start sending people to jail for, what is essentially lying, I want to see all of our politicians in jail. They lie to our faces on a daily basis and call it spin. Spin is a euphemism for lying, so, send them all, I say! As an American, I had to bear watching a President get convicted of perjury without consequence (other than humiliation). If I was convicted of perjury, I would have been sent to jail. We all know who I am talking about. In the case of the fake Vietnam Vet, he probably has no self-esteem, and needs a therapist. Jail is extreme. Jail is supposed to protect society from dangerous individuals, not house people with mental problems. The creep who misrepresented himself as a Colonel to win contracts should go to jail for fraud. I wonder if the supposed Colonel could have went to jail in the past for fraud, by misrepresenting himself, to win these contracts. If so, this is another example of law overlap and politicians patting themselves on the back...it's the same thing as creating new gun laws when the laws already on the books could be enforced enough to combat what the new laws are trying to do. I really think most legislation today is an excuse for politicians to slap on some pork at the last minute. Most of this pork would never get passed on its own, hence ties to important legislation. Just my two cents. Yank
  17. The spirit of the law is obvious. I don't understand why there are no exceptions. If I am re-enacting at the Rhinebeck Aerodrome as a WWI pilot, will I be arrested for the rack on my tunic? Being in my thirties, I find it hard to believe that I am stealing the valor of somebody who fought in a war that ended in 1918. Idiocy...pure idiocy.
  18. I look at it more as a matter of living and breathing history. Most people couldn't care less about this topic and so a little education is in order when I wear my outfit. I always share stories so that their memory can live on, etc. That is all. Kids love it and so on. I didn't even think about the acting part. Techincally, all actors should be subject to arrest when they play someone in the military from this point on..
  19. I collect WWI aviation militaria and purchased some period medals. For example, if I want to be Eddie Rickenbacker for Halloween, am I going to be arrested for trying to impersonate a military officer who fought in a war almost 100 years ago and died in 1973? I am in my thirties and obviously did not fight in WWI, but will I be arrested anyway? By the wording of the law, it says US decorations, not present US decorations. If I wear American Revolution or Civil War medals, I should techinacally be arrested even though they fought in the 18th and 19th century! How far back is this law going to go? If an 18 year old kid is wearing his grandfather's Vietnam service medal to show pride for his grandfather, is he going to be arrested? Have they thought about the age disparity between people who fought and people who are alive today?
  20. I really should have read the responses to this. The museum states to clean the verdigris with dental picks, not the the naptha. The naptha is applied after the verdigris is removed to clean the area prior to varnishing. The museum picks the verdigris off, then cleans the area up using naptha sparingly. Then they varnish the area to prevent further oxidization. Hope that clears up what I wrote. Sorry it took so long.
  21. "The only traditions of the Royal Navy are rum, sodomy, and the lash. " Anthony Montaugue-Brown, assistant to Winston Churchill
  22. I think you guys need to look at the specs for the m1a2. It's the same tank as the challenger 2. Notice I said m1a2, and NOT m1a1. The only difference is the crews. Across the pond in Britain, they drink tea. Over here in the colonies, we drink coffee. So, tea or coffee is the question. LOL hahahahahahahhaha Seriously, it doesn't matter since we are on the same side...well, that is, unless Bonny Prince Charlie gets some funny ideas about taking back the colonies as a posthumous gesture to 'ol George. LOL Saved for just such an occassion is our Sea Wolfs, quietly lurking off the grid at all times and loaded with dozens of homemade yankee MIRVS. LOL
  23. I'll take a SPAD XIII and a named pilot's uniform from the 94th squadron during WWI, particularly Eddie Rickenbacker. Not that any of that will ever happen, of course. After that, I want a ride in the aurora. LOL
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