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  1. This perhaps a bit of a stupid question, but why are there two types of wings and why does within those types one comes without text and the other with text (Komando / Hava Indirme)?
  2. Hi guys, Those Ukranian wings with St-Michael upon them were prototypes from 2004, but were never accepted. Other prototypes were also made but not accepted. In fact, the Ukranians followed the Russian style in simply removing the red star of the Soviet-style jumpwing. This also counts for the excellent para and instructor, yet these can simply be identified as Ukranian by the Ukranian text on the canopy instead of Russian. Got this info from an official Ukranian army document.
  3. To my best knowledge the descending parachutist was made for a movie (don't know which one). I'm also holding on to it in my "unknown-box", but that's the last info I got on it.
  4. Hi guys, Does anyone know if these are really or simply fakes or fantasies? Any help would be highly appreciated. Cheers, Alain
  5. Demir, As promised more pictures of basic riggers (top) and specialist riggers (UZMAN) coming from my collection. Nobody seems to know why one of them has yellow colors. Do you know? Take care, Alain
  6. Hi Demir, Thanks a lot in advance for trying to find out more. I also have this wing (this style) with the UZMAN upon it. If you want to, I can add pictures of older style of rigger and specialist rigger (UZMAN) to this website. Let me know if you want that. Here's the pic of the UZMAN I mean.
  7. Hi guys, I know about the normal rigger wing as well as the UZMAN wing. But what about these two? Has anyone got an idea? Cheers, Alain
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