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  1. Czechoslovak Military Medal of Merit(Československá vojenská medaile za zásluhy) Continuing on from the earlier posting, here are some comparisons of what I believe to be the silver 1st Class English & Czech versions (English on the left in the first 2 images but on the right on the 3rd). They are easily distinguishable when seen together, the other characteristic which I personally use is the "V" over the C in C.S.R. but it is only an observation I have made not that I have had confirmed anywhere else.
  2. Hi Gents I have recently acquired this Nepalese Assam-Burma Medal which I believe was awarded for WW2 service in this theatre of war. I can find very little information on this award and have seen examples presented with both sides of the medal treated as the obverse. I think the ribbon on this example may be back to front as it would make sense to me that the side with the Kukri is the actual obverse, as the bravery medal issued in the same time also has the same image of the Nepalese flag on one side. Any information anyone can share would be much appreciated. Cheers Dave
  3. I did place a question mark due to my uncertainty, but that is in fact where I bought it from and the ribbon is from the Belgian 1940-1945 Colonial War Effort medal. I think some of the Belgian Association medals do appear to use other official ribbons, unless people have just added them themselves? With the initials which I presume relate to the Organisation that presented the medal, it doesn't appear dis-similar to other Belgian Association medals.I am more than happy to be proved wrong though.
  4. Hi Gents I have recently seen this medal and wondered if anyone could shed any light on its origins please? Cheers Dave
  5. Hi Peter, I don't have any details currently about this specific award, but when lockdown is over I will endeavour to find out what I can about the recipient and hopefully what they received the Commendation for.
  6. Here is the Africa Service Medal with a bronze King Protea flower emblem representing a King's Commendation which is equal to a mention in despatches but awarded for services away from the battlefield.
  7. I was going to say I hadn't come across that combination and ask for an image, but Marcon1 appears to have answered correctly in relation to the opening image that they are his initials. The prefix I have mentioned would come in front of the number eg F123456 would be awarded to someone in SAWAAF
  8. Here is the reverse of the Commander version of the Philippine Legion of Honor which has writing within the gilding which I wasn't able to post before.
  9. You are correct the Africa star should have an 8th Army Clasp and the numeral be on his ribbon bar. I have just myself become aware that lots of South African medals have a prefix, of which a few are: C-Cape Corps M-Indian & Malay Corps N-Native Military Corps These 3 groups relating to coloured recipients. F-Women's Auxiliary Air Force W-Women's Auxiliary Army Service These 2 obviously to women. I believe you can presume your recipient was a white South African and if you would like research Dewald Nel who is based in South Africa provides a se
  10. Wow, what an amazing collection you have. I have only managed to get one example of the Distinguished Service Star and Distinguished Conduct Star. I also have the Commander version of the Philippine Legion of Honor which has writing within the gilding, which I can't display because it won't let me upload the image
  11. Very nice Emmanuel, I still search for one of these. It appears to have the JT for Jose Tupaz jr above the" For Valour" wording. Could we possibly see the reverse please?
  12. Hi Gordon I don't have the case readily available but will add it later if I can. I would say though that I have several Polish Cases and they all are similar inside, being an open space with no special cut out for the shape of the specific medal/cross. Dave
  13. Here is what I believe to be an example of the Medal of Merit on the Field of Glory-Bronze-3rd Class by Grabski.
  14. Hi Guys I would be interested in your comments on this one. I have seen and read so much, but I am none the wiser. My thoughts/observations in laymans terms would be that the earlier 3rd Class "originals" should be silver and the rings and attachments as the previous example of a decent thickness. I have also shown the box this came in, whether it's the original I can not be certain but possibly it may help indicate a date. Happy Easter Dave
  15. Hi Gents Does anyone have any information they can share on this cross please? Cheers Dave
  16. This medal was created in 1954. Can anyone tell me whether it was awarded retrospectively for WW2 please?
  17. I recently obtained these 2 medals with documents. I am intrigued by the fact they were awarded to a female again, but this time I am lead to believe a "Scout Sister" who worked as a courier. Here are details I have been given or managed to find with the name displayed on the documents: She was a Scout Sister who defended Katowice in Sep 1939 Memories hm. Weronika Cubert from The Work of the Emergency Scouts during the occupation in Katowcie-Zaleze Weronika Cubert-Zaleska War courier of the Home Army District HQ Silesia I have also seen the spelling Weroniki I wou
  18. Hi Gents I have recently acquired this medal but the only description I can find in Alec A. Purves "The Medals Decorations & Orders of the Second World War" begins the detail as "A silver cross pattee with ribbed arms and small ball finial". There is an example similar to this shown on the eMedals site within sold Mexican items. Can anyone confirm whether this might be an earlier version than that described (due to the enameling and reverse ribbon loop for example) ? Thanks in anticipation Dave
  19. Yes, I did try that line of enquiry but alas I didn't manage to find out anything useful.
  20. Yes, that would make sense, it looks as though there might have been a pin attachment of some description at the top. It just lacks any kind of written indication to which Society, Organisation it relates to.
  21. Hi Paul This cross was a late award in 1989 to Polish Armed Forces in the West, i.e. those soldiers who fought alongside the Western Allies against the Axis forces.(Polish Forces in the East would have been those soldiers who fought with the Soviets). The Home Army was the Resistance movement in Poland itself.
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