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  1. Thanks Dave, judging by the fact that he appears to have only had a Defence Medal for his WW2 service. I would assume that he's not the Anglesey one, couple this with the fact that if he joined up in 1939, E11R would have been the effigy on his LSGC. As all the Caernarfonshire appear to have middle names, which doesn't appear on his medal, I would assume that he must be the J HUGHES (no first name given)?
  2. Robin/Dave, thanks for your replies to my thread. I can confirm that the box does relate to a regular officer. I'm assuming that PC HUGHES must have joined in the late 1930's, in order to qualify for his LSGC between 1950 and 1952, Gwynedd Constabulary wasn't formed until 1950 and E11R became Queen in 1953.
  3. Can anyone tell me whether the number of the box lid of a Police LSGC equates to anything? Is it possible to ascertain from this number any information as to where the officer was stationed or does the number just equate to a particular force?
  4. Is there a roll for Defence Medals to issued to Police Officers? Can anyone tell me whether it's possible to ascertain an address where this medal was sent, which might confirm which part of the force an officer served in?
  5. I wonder what the highest Welsh rank naming could be, that someone has achieved in 20 years before being awarded the LSGC. Has anyone ever got to Chief in 20 years? I don't think I've ever seen higher than Superintendent on an English LSGC.
  6. That wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing would it? Although why on earth they couldn't just put the force after the name is beyond me!!!!!
  7. What's a reasonable amount for a 1911 Coronation medal to a striker, do you think?
  8. Just out of curiosity what potential is there for researching a WW2 War reserve officer? I know he joined in about 1905 and was pensioned off in 1935 and that he served as a war reserve officer. What's the chances of being able to research his WW2 service, such as which division he was attached to or the like?
  9. Focusing on the Metropolitan Police - By all accounts the 1919 strike was a disaster, but which one was worse as regards to officers being sacked the 1918 strike or the 1919 one?
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