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  1. Thanks guys. I've got minor problems with my scanner, but the casting line is definitely present (my finger-nail gets stuck in it)! I thought the weight would close this case. cheers Peter
  2. Gents, I just received this medal from a recent auction buy, but I can't say it made me happy. After some additional research on the web, I came up with these specifications: 28mm, silver or silvered bronze and suppsedly die-struck, weight 12-13g. The piece I received is clearly cast, the weight 6,77g without ribbon ring and apparently made in some white metal. Any or all info needed to convince the seller it's a fake (IMHO) would be greatly appreciated. cheers Peter
  3. A 990 silver medal of Captain Müller, made by Laurer, Nürnberg.
  4. Hi Deruelle, Thanks for your kind words. I'm not well versed in Imp. minis, but I assume the SH is a Kommendeur mit starrer (rigid) Krone. The size is interesting, it has a diameter of 22,49mm. The HM is equally fashinating IMO , but I'm not certain whether it's a Grand Cross (-1887) or not. The diameter corresponds pretty close to that date though, 18,84mm .
  5. Brian, thank's for a great summary. As a sidenote, although the Asian flu wasn't an N1H1 virus (N2H2), it actually killed more people than the Svineflu 2009. My grandfather got the 1918 flu and lost all his hair and my whole family except your's truly had the Asian flu 1957. I've managed to navigate myself through life without ever having had any flu (guess it's not too late though)😉 cheers/Peter
  6. I've found these two medals on the web (bronze and silver), both commemorating the so called "Balcony speach" made by Kaiser Wilhelm in conjunction with the outbreak of WW1. I did however not find any reference to the illustrated gold version, which is partly a mix in design compared to the other two. The sword pointing downwards also seems odd, as it normally signifies defeat. Question: is this an official strike? Feedback would be greatly appreciated 🙂
  7. The WW1 War decorations from the various German states are often encountered in the 16mm version for wear on chain, but what about the 16mm version as a stickpin? Other than the common EK1, I only have the Anhalt Friedrich-Kreuz, which apparently is a non-official decoration.
  8. A well worn Preussia/Saxony combo. Too bad about the rather amateurish attempt to restore the blue border.
  9. Thanks Elmer, that's a little bit better. Nevertheless, I like this little creature.
  10. Hi Elmer, Thanks for a most educational elaboration. Given the similar appearance, I assume this enamelled miniature (27,33x14,34mm) is also a post-45 piece?
  11. Many thanks for a most illuminating thread. Here are two more with a slightly more pronounced bronze colour, the Philippine Insurrection No 19340 and the War with Spain No 7051. The Spanish War Service Medal (30594) unfortunately lacks the ribbon and is more shiny compared to the ones illustrated here. Although the details are fairly nice, the portion with stars above the eagle's head are merely dots. Perhaps a later minting?
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