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  1. Hello Thank you for all this information ,it is brilliant to have this person ( policeman ) come alive , I'm now checking out to see if any of his family are still living in the area , I have a family member who was in the police force in the 1950s (High Rank with in ScotlandYard) to investigate now so I'm sure he will be of great interest ,
  2. Hello Thank you for that brilant and unbelievable information ,my Uncle's home /garden where the medal was found is Soham , It's got to be where David McNaughton lived how fantastic ,thank you ,and every one so much .
  3. Hello Thank you so much for that information ,he's coming alive for me now ,I've now got to find out when he was born ,where he lived etc ,this may give me the answer why the medal should be found in my uncle's garden . Thank you again
  4. Hello ,this is my first visit ,and first question of many I will be going to ask , So I hope someone can help ,a uncle of mine moved in his new home 50 years ago and was digging in the garden ,when he dug up a medal , it was a 1887 metropolitan police Queen Victoria Jubilee ,the ribbon clasp has 1897 on ,there's no ribbon or pin .the name on the medal is P.C. D.McNaugeton B devision printed around edging ,is there anyone that can help me get information on this man ,I've only just been shown it today and have tried to research but need an experts help
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