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  1. Hello all, a couple of weeks ago I've picked up this Nigerian group, the seller told me he got it with some other nigerian badges in a flea market in Aviano, that makes not so impossible that it came on through some US serviceman or directly from USARMYAFRICA...

    I assume that's the standard four-medal-set for the Biafra-Nigeria crisis.


    Any comment is welcome....



    Nigeria 1.jpg

    Nigeria 2.jpg

  2. 10 hours ago, Claudius said:

    Hello Emibro;

    This is entirely outside my realm of knowledge.  I expect you are going to visit the BATT house.  I can only imagine that the customs and border police would be primarily interested in your motivations to visit the Battle of Mirbat site.

    I hope you can make it there, and if you do, please post some photos and comments of what you found there.

    Safe travels,


    Sadly I'll have to postpone the trip. Hopefully in february.

    In another forum I was told that there won't be any problems or issues with travelling around and that the locals will be pleased that someone shows interest in their recent history... We'll see...





  3. I am planning a one-week vacation with my girlfriends, and we're 90% sure on Oman. We'll stay in a resort not far from Salalah, and I was thinking of taking a quick trip to Mirbat, renting a driver/Guide and spend a couple of hours there.

    Will it be feasible? Any suggestions/connection? Any other interesting stuff I may see there (relevant to the Dhofar "war").

    One other thing, we're flying from Italy to Muscat (with a very short layover, no time for getting out of the airport), and from Muscat to Salalah, my concern is that the Omani Customs/Border Police may create problems because I have Israeli Visa on my passport, do you know if it's possible? I've previously travelled to Egypt & Jordan with Israeli visas, with out any issue.

    Thanks a lot!


  4. 45 minutes ago, oamotme said:


    The top badge is the Omani Frontier Force and the lower badge is, I think, the Northern Frontier Regiment.



    The Antelope badge has been positively identified as Signals...



  5. 40 minutes ago, paul wood said:


    Sultans Bravery Medal 1967


    It's obviously a replica...

    Is there a way, a part frome the patina, to tell "originals" from replicas/commercial specimens?

    Thanks a lot!


  6. I just got this stuff from an eBay auction... I think that I didn't get the whole lot, but the 2 beret badges are unknown to me... Any opinion?

    Of course the last medal is Malay.

    Thanks a lot...






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