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  1. There does not seem to be any piping on the collar only down the front and along the bottom of the tunic, there is no sleeve insignia but some rather irregular 'marks' on the front of the collar which may be damage to the photo.
  2. Apologies if this question has been asked before, but are there any known instances where German officers have worn the blüse with piping as I have recently seen a picture of an Officer in the Air service wearing a blüse with what appears to be piping down the front and along the bottom. Having gone through all my information on the blüse no where have I found anything to support this as having occurred. If it is indeed piped is it possible that it could be a privately purchased uniform or a post war Friekorps uniform. Although the photo is undated he appears to be stood in front of an Albatro
  3. I have read somewhere in the past although I cannot now find my source that when the Saxon Grenadier Life Guard (Kgl. Sächs.1. (Leib-)Grenadier-Regiment Nr.100 ) originally adopted the 1910 Field Grey uniform, they had as an extra regimental distinction of red piping on both the top and bottom of the collar. Is this true and if so does anyone have a photograph illustrating this feature, if possible for an NCO. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Thank you all for your time and apologies for my tardy response - I have already been in touch with Daniel from whom I was able to get his work on Wurttemberg award winners but alas he had no remaining copies of the others. I have also already tried the other source but again so far without success but I will try again.
  5. I am looking to purchase the following out of print books by Richard Lundström and Daniel Krause. Verleihungen von militärischen Orden und Ehrenzeichen des Großherzogtums Sachsen(-Weimar) im Ersten Weltkrieg, Konstanz 2008. Verleihungen von militärischen Orden und Ehrenzeichen der Ernestinischen Herzogtümer Sachsen-Altenburg, Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha und Sachsen-Meiningen im Ersten Weltkrieg 1914–1918, Konstanz 2008. Verleihungen des Fürstlichen Hausordens von Hohenzollern mit Schwertern und der Goldenen Ehrenmedaille mit Schwertern 1914–1947, Konstanz 2008. Can anyone help
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