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  1. On 28/11/2019 at 18:39, Chris Boonzaier said:

    a simple Label...  "Reichsheer Oblt Hocker Chef der russichen Hilfstruppe" in a WW1 German Jäger Officers cap that was part of a Museum collection....

    I find the following in a book called "Auswärtiges Amt und Geheim Dienst" by Richard Mergel ... but I just have the snippet on the screen....

    Can anyone take a stap at a first name?

    It is a super long shot....hocker.jpg.1a6ecfd351aa9c40d4cdd43170654b83.jpg


    This list is from ww2 times 

  2. Hello GdC 26, If Glen C says that GO von Prittwitz was the only officer of these rank a la suite of the 6th IR I have nothing more to say. Regarding the measurement on a pic .well ,you knows the button diameter so you can catch the aproximate size of the tunic from collar to waist, you knows the probable length and width of the Shoulder boards then you have the shoulder width, whit these measures you have the aproximate waist width , the collar patchs normally were about 7 x 4 cm ,you can calculate the collar height 

  3. Hello gentlemen :  The historian sir Max Hastings says in his book 1914 , that the German General Staff comprised in the verge of WW1 625 officers of all rank and that they worked in extreme austerity ,no mess ,no cleaning personnel ,a minimum of clerks and a sole telephone cabin for external calls. officers acted as clerks and inclusive as typewriters .every year the documents and planifications declared obsolete were destroyed by the officers . during the war the number of officers in the General Staff do not raise so much because of the time required to form a Staff Officer properly. 

  4. 17 hours ago, GdC26 said:

    Yes, it's well worth the visit - this is just a small part of the display at redoubt Tilly (across the Donau from the main museum). They have an excellent, Bavaria focussed, 35 room WWI exhibition there as well. Impossible to photograph properly because of the glass and the lighting, but quite impressive.

    Kind regards,



    Hello Gentlemen ,to me this tunic belonged to King Ludwig III ,he was a man of ample waist 

    10 hours ago, GdC26 said:

    More field grey (and in part, high ranking) tunics from the exhibition for Charles and others interested in those. Enjoy!














    Hello Gentlemen, General maximilian von Prittwitz was a tall and thick man , the tunic doesnt fits with him 

  5. Hello Stefi88, They made vulkanfiber helmets for parade use. but originally they were intended for battle use. a model was tested by the Reichswehr.model 1933 . Take a look to : CASCOS DEL SIGLO XX  www cascos de coleccion / portada. yes its in Spanish but go into portada select Chile and will appear all the helmets used by Chile with pics and a green rectangle that reads Ver ficha ,select that and the helmet will appear

  6. hello, # 2 is a beamte , probably Prussian ,but about his branch Iam not sure that he is a Paymaster, more exactly a Unterzahlmeister as the shoulder board indicates. the doubt is over the collar patch , certainly appears to be light blue with white piping , its concords with the colours of the Paymaster branch. the same the white piping on the front of the tunic ,but all the info about the Field uniform of the Prussian Paymaster dont mention Collar patch . Doctors weared a red piped Blue patch. Military Justice officials a Light blue patch piped crimson . Veterinarians a Black patch piped crimson . perhaps he is a Krankenwarter ,the personnel that keeps the discipline and security in military Hospitals .

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