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  1. 5 hours ago, JapanX said:

    Doc was issued to 

    Яков Маркович Брегман/Yakov Markovich Bregman

    Владелец сего имеет право носить и держать пистолет системы Веблей-Скот/The owner of this document has a right to carry and hold Webley-Scott gun

    Original doc was issued on the letterhead from

    Начальник Киевской Столичной Милиции/Head of the Kiev Metropolitan Police

    Then it was crossed out and stamp added that reads

    Киевский столичный атаман/Kiev metropolitan ataman

    The stamp at the photo reads exactly the same.

    So they used old unissued form to fill their current needs ;) 


    This is how typical imperial russia gun permit looks like (Dvinsk, 1907).



    Regarding Webley & Scott.

    Original advertisment.


    Very interesting ! The 7.65 mm pistol costed 25 roubles and the 6,35 mm one the same amount

    Hello Gentlemen :  1918 was a turbulent year for Ucraina 

  2. On 26/02/2020 at 03:23, 1812 Overture said:

    Well, ok, 1813 may be my invisible brother:speechless:
    I know there is a bearded Prince of Austro-Hungarian Empire, but it has nothing to do with this subject.
    I have some pictures of the order of the Cavaliers Hohenzollern, but they may duplicate the previous pictures. .




    The man on the first pic is Archduke Joseph Ferdinand of Austria , and Great Duke of Tuscany .

  3. The Cavalry portepee , was made of leather and called Faustriemen . for officers  it carries the same knot as the Infantry ones . the Prussians were made of black leather with the white represented by three lines made of silver wire , The Bavarians applied over red leather a silver lace stitched with light blue lines . Wurttembergians were of black leather with red lines stitched on 

  4. Glen J :  Thats right .  In my precedent post  I dont mentioned that for no made too long the post . Another Generals Kepi was that of the Veterinarian General . the  same as that of the Doctor but wiith a braid of Sage leaves . finally the green kepi of the General Postmaster carried a braid of miosotys flowers and leaves .

  5. Glen , The French kepi pour General model 1931 was of madder red fine cloth with a black cloth band . on the band it carried a braided motif of oak leaves and acorns in gold . this motif was of a width of 56 mm for General de Brigade and was placed centrally on the black band all around .on the upper part of the band where it mets with the red upper one ,are fixed from down to over the following ornaments 1 the famous baguette of a gold cannetille wire that holds gold sequins . then a gold cord of 3.25 mm width sewed all around an finally a gold cord of 15mm width . In the joint of the band and the peak was sewed a soutache of gold Russia braid of 5mm width . The kepi for General de Division carried the same  baguette and cords but instead of the 56mm braid carried two ,one the upper of 15mm width and another lower of 12mm width , The Marechal de France  kepi carried three rows of braid ,one of 15mm and two of 12mm .The description i had made ifs for Combattant Generals , the kepis of the other classes of Generals were different . that of Medical Generals for example was madder red but the band was crimson velvet and the embroidered motif was of Acanthus leaves in gold . 

  6. Hello, Luddendorf was a very rara avis .His Love Story with Frau Pernet was absolutely uninimaginable for a man which all considered too serious .Luddendorf at difference with Petain for example was not a womanizer .Dr Ferdinand Sauerbruch operated after the war the General of a severe Thiroid Basedow .that explains the constant irritation face expresion of Luddendorf .During the anamnesis of the patient Sauerbruch discovered the circustamces of the beginning of the Illnes .The General related that he began to felt bad after the famous Liege episode , when Luddendorf advanced in the dark of a August night against the Belgian Army positions at the head of a Infantry Company and were constantly received fire from the Belgians .He remembered how the men at their sides were shot dead and the peculiar noise of the bullets hiting a human body. Apart ,in his way he had found the dead bodies of General von Wussow and staff victims of Artillery fire,but Luddendorf was Luddendorf and go ahead until he reached the gate of the Citadel of Liege ,he knocked on the door with the pommel of his sword an he obtained the surrender of a hundredor so of Belgians . 

  7. David , Are Indian Army sowars ,from which Regiment ? In view of the absence of beard or moustache , I think in some unit of Bombay Cavalry . The Indian Lancers carried lance ,sword and carbine .when mounted the sword and carbine were carried on the saddle .when dismounted they carry the sword hanging and the carbine on hand . the carbine is probably a Martini converted to .303 with a Metford barrel or a Enfield one 

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