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  1. Hello,the first photo says that is a visit to the Ist Belgian Army Corps in Cologne . the Corp was previously the Belgian Force of Occupation In Germany because the British shared their Zone with Belgians. The name of the Belgian General to the left of the photo appears to be Gierst . 

    37 minutes ago, joaobr said:

    Hello Gentlemen,

    I have some photos from the second and post-war period that belong to General Matzky. Some have German subtitles that I can't read. Perhaps you can help me to read and identify as people portrayed in the photos.

    Soon I will update with the photos of the second war


    WhatsApp Image 2020-09-29 at 13.24.08 (2).jpeg

    WhatsApp Image 2020-09-29 at 13.24.08 (3).jpeg

    WhatsApp Image 2020-09-29 at 13.24.08.jpeg

    It says Earl Mountbatten SHAPE April 1958

    The middle photo says Lt Col Mc Guinn US Rocket Batt Or Base , October 1958  Sonnenheim ? am Mainz 

  2. Many Thanks Tony ! for a while i thought in a Cavalry uniform , Austrian Hussars by the blue collar stripe but the absence of the shoulder cord gold and black over the left shoulder of the Bluse signals Infantry .I asked about the lagermutze cavalry type because cavalrymen carried on the left side the Letters D or H followed By a number . 

  3. Hello Gentlemen , The peacetime backing of the SBs was only rosen rot , the same with the 1907 10 Field Grey uniform. It  was with the 1915 Bluse that all Prussian Dragoons Regiments adopted a cornflower blue Shoulder strap for NCOs and Men piped in the old Regimental SBs colour . the Officers shoulder boards were underlayed in cornflower blue with a inner piping in the regimental colour ,Rose red in this case. Another point about the Pic and the uniform. the Absence of the Bavarian Borte on the collar reinforces the presumption of the Prussian Dragoons n 7 uniform M 1915

  4. Prince Leopold was Chief of the 7 th westfalisches Dragoner Regiment Feldmarschall Prinz Leopold von Bayern on the Pic he is wearing a Field grey uniform . stand and fall collar . they are not buttons visible so one tends to think of a Bluse . If it is the uniform of the Dragoons then the backing of the shoulder cords must be cornflower blue with a inner piping of rosa rot ,rose red ,the regimental distinctive colour of the 7th 

  5. Hello ,Republica de Nueva Granada was the name of a Nation of the North of South America which was created in 1831 and existed until 1858 being replaced by the Grenadine Confederation which transformed in 1863 into The United States of Colombia . Nueva Granada comprised today Colombia and Panama 

  6. Curiously they not used Sutterlin .Regarding Volksdeutsche , Artur Plheps is a good example, Born in Transylvania when it belonged to Austria Hungary and of German ethnicity he was Imperial Officer in WW1 ,then Romanian ,reaching the rank of Romanian General ,he resigned for political reasons and when Romania enter in the War alongside Germany he returned to the military but inside the Waffen SS as all the Volksdeutschen who chosen not to stay into their national armies

  7. Peter , do you know these Artillerymen method used to fire . one shot short the other long ,then you divided the diference between and the third shot must fall certere . Well ,we need the one who made bullseye

    The field is Spain and there options are Fabrica de Armas de Toledo or Fabrica de Trubia .

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