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  1. 5 hours ago, ArHo said:

    Yes, I recall similar experiences during my peacetime service - but hey, at least I never had to go to real war, so I never had a problem with them jokes being on me 😉

    It is interesting to note that the (quite young) men at the left wears an apron so he seems to have taken a break from work to go and look...

    BTW: I just finished reading - again - "Manöver im Herbst" (Maneuver in autumn) by Konsalik. It is still very helpful if one seeks to try to understand a little bit what motivated men in these days.

    All the best


    You are a clever man ArHo, Perhaps the young apprentice with the apron observes and think about join the soldiers. the Herbst Manovern were a very important part of Germany national Live . In these Exercises at great scale (usually Army Corps )not only the Regiments and Bataillons coordinated their action ,Maneuvers were the ocassion for the German People to see by his own eyes what the Army had done with the taxes. Incidentally the Maneuvers were a source of extra income for the City or Population were the exercises were held. not to speak when they happened to be Kaiser Manover . thats was the golden fleece, 

  2. Many Thanks Demir ! I am in possesion of a piece of green velvet of forty X forty centimetres with the Thugra of Sultan Mehmed Reshad braided in the center with gold thread and I always wanted to know the precise signification of the design .

  3. Hello ArHo and Glenn, The German writer Ludwig Renn , ( Arnold Vieth von Golstenau ) served during WW1 in the Saxon Army, after the War ,just returned he joined the Police greatly increased because of the political unrest he told his experiences in a book titled Post War. Well ,he says that there were the Old Policemen of long service who acted as Instructors and the New included him , The New , were uniformed with Army uniforms carried carbines and were organized in Centuries of Security Police . the Old weared the Old Police uniforms and continued basically the ordinary Police office . Renn says also that he must accustom to the Police manner of salute with a slight reverence and not clicking the heels . 

  4. Utgardloki , In the initial months of WW1 the rate of Officers casualties was high and not only among German officers . you must remember that in the Battle of the Frontiers ,German,French and at lesser degree British officers conducted their men to the fight with the sword in a hand and the pistol in the other . being highly visibles and exposing much . respect to past wars , in the Franco Prussian War the rate of casualties for the Prussian Germans was high but during the FP War the Armies of both contenders were much less numerous than those of WW1 . At the Battle of Spichern by case ,the 6th August 1870 ,20000 Germans clashed with 25000 French and fight all the day , The Germans won with 4000 casualties among these 490 dead . In the early months of WW1 clashed Armies of hundred of thousand men and day after day . Once the Front become static and full of trenches and refuges the rate of casualties lowered except during the assaults or defence against the assaults of the enemy . Erich Maria Remarque wrote in his book Return that in the last formation of his unit once in Germany ,First Leutnant Hehl walked in front of the Company and after him the ghosts of his predecessors . Bentick, Raedecke, Buttner, Moeller and two more ,Six company chiefs in two years .

  5. Its a French Armee del Air badge carried on the left breast in 1940 . your badge is the one for enlisted men an Junior NCOs . the Flight branch carried also a five pointed star inside de open curl between the wings in orange colour. the badge was used until the end of the War and beyond,by all Airmen.

  6. Raymond Cartier in his Biography of Hitler until 1933 says that the KB RIR 16 was equiped with old Leather hats possibly remains of past wars. really these were Landsturm type caps covered with black oilcloth. The 30 of November 1914 was reglamented that the glossy black cover was replaced with feldgrau covers . Returning to Cartier he says that once in the frontline the Bavarians were fired by a Prussian unit confused for British due to the strange hats

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