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  1. 7 hours ago, Glenn J said:


    Trooper D has already mentioned captain Schartle. 

    The following military attachés to the German Empire were listed in the 1912 edition of the "Gothaischer genealogischer Hofkalender nebst diplomatisch-statistichem Jahrbuch".

    USA: Captain S G Shartle
    Argentina: Major B B Pertiné
    Brazil: Colonel Fr E Jullien
    Bulgaria: Major Gantschew
    France: Colonel Pellé
    Great Britain: Colonel A Russell
    Italy: Colonel Count Calderari di Palazzolo
    Japan: Lieutenant-Colonel Count Sano
    Austria-Hungary: Major Freiherr von Bienerth
    Persia: Major Mirza Mehdi-Chan
    Rumania: Major L Mircesco
    Russia: Major General von Tatischtschew
    Sweden: Major Count de Schenfelt
    Siam: Lieutenant-Colonel Bhra Songsuradej
    Spain: Colonel J Sanchis
    Turkey: Major Enver-Bey

    I would surmise top to bottom:





    Hello, the first is not Russian ,he is Bulgarian Colonel Gantschew . He played a important role during the war as Liaison officer in the German Command

  2. Hello Utgardloki ! Very amusing indeed , It was in the Austro Hungarian Empire were the Prussians were nicknamed Piefkes . by the Vienese citizens . as I was told by my Oma the thing dates of the days after the Battle of Sadowa when the Prussians entered in Vienna preceded by the Military Music conducted by Kapellmeister Gottfried Piefke playing the recently composed Koeniggraetzer Marsch.  

  3. Hello Chris , for more difficult the Carbine is not a 98 AZ , I dont see the L shaped stocking rod of these weapon . the Carbine on the photo appears as with a Infantry Rifle type bayonet Atachment and a brass muzzle cover. but the man is not a current musketier or fusilier etc . he carries only two Ammo pouches on a side and another on the left . No spurs , A interesting detail are the Knee Leather patches , i one amplify the pic they are visible as more glossy than the rest of the trousers

  4. On 08/11/2020 at 20:49, Chris Boonzaier said:

    Hi, indeed, but you see pics of them with rangers as well.

    I do cede the point however because you are right, the Paras in Indichina were not doing a whole lot of jumping, in which case the stability of the Ranger was not essential. For the far east the Pataugas would have been a better option.

    In the overseas Paquetage there would have been various options, when we deployed to Central Africa we had 2 pairs of boots, one pair of Pataugas and a pair of running shoes... all rotated according to the occasion... on Occasion Rangers were worn, many Dien Bien Phu show themdph4.jpg.afa7a033c084cad2522f838315be31bd.jpgdph2.jpg.e844e6e08255dcf09acc439231bc6920.jpgdph1.jpg.d6984db3b3cbd0bf48c68539f519ff36.jpg

    Hello Chris ,The French Army post WW2 was equiped with a vast variety of arms, clothing,etc .  it was not until the end of the War in Algeria that completely new regulations of uniformity were statuted 

  5. Hello again Chris , They used the old brodequin with the canvas gaiters of US type, and, the Pataugas also with gaiters . I suggest You to enter the following :  Pataugas Paras Indochine . once appeared the answer enter images and you were able to see multiple pics of Paras either in Indochine or Algerie and their Chaussures Kind regards . Bayern

  6. Hello Chris . The 1950 rangers were based on the US WW2 model . and the 1952 were based too on US models with diferences. regarding the Paras , they dont like the 1950 rangers and continued wearing the old brodequin M1917 or M 1934 with hobnailed soles normally accompanied with either US canvas gaiters or short French leather Guetres . The Pataugas were used during the patrol or combat duties . obviously they dont jump with Pataugas

  7. Hello, The Rangers were introduced in the French Army first in 1950 but the type was not appreciated ,too heavy and obstructive of feet cooling . In Indochina the Paras weared either brodequins or the Pataugas made of canvas and rubber . It was only in 1952 when a new model of Ranger was introduced and accepted. If you want to know details I suggests to enter in Les Rangers la chaussure a combat www defense.gouv.fr

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