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  1. larsson : Its a french kepi ,but i am not sure of his character, militar ? Policial ? . Please said me : The braid is silver or gold wire ?

  2. Andrei . The Brasso ,Brassov , Kronstadt city was garrison of the Royal hungarian Honved Infantry Regiment 24 .whose recruits were of the surrounding country .But the 2nd imperial and Royal Hungarian Infantry Regiment was also garrisoned in Brasso ,Brasso Kronstadt. and recruited in the same area . In 1914 the ethnicity of the regiment was 61 % Hungarians , 27 % Romanians and 12 % others.Another Royal Hungarian Infantry Regiment garrisoned in Transylvania ,Ardeal ,Siebenburgen , was the number 21 . whose 3rd Bataillon was stationed in Fagaras ,Fogarasch .

  3. Hello : the man pictured wears the uniform of the Austro Hungarian Army used prior to 1908 for the field .for Infantry . Pike grey coloured cap , dark blue tunic . and not shown in the pic ,Pike grey coloured trousers .the two stars on his collar marked him as a Korporal .he is not an officer . his tunic with shoulder straps is for Rank and file . Being originary of Transilvannia ,probably he belonged to an Royal Hungarian or a Imperial and Royal Regiment .(hungarian ) Do you know of which town or city they belonged?

  4. The man in the photo wears a officer type jacket but carries a rifle and bayonet .and the percussion carbine , dont matches much with the bayonet .other strange item is the turban ,dark coloured . enfin , it appears to be a studied exotic portrait .

  5. 20 hours ago, Alex K said:

    Hi Thanks for your comments ref. Immelmann, I do like to be as accurate as possible, I do make some mistakes, so based on your comments


    Imp Max Immelmann large copy.JPG

    Alex K : The button colour must be matt silver ,and i not mentioned the red piping at the front of the tunic .Excuse me this omission .

  6. Alex K : I discovered your posts just yesterday . Its a great Job , very well done . but could be better ,not technically but in accuracy . one example : Max Immelmann was officer of a Technical branch so he weared the uniform of that . In field grey , black piping on collar and cuffs , kronenknopfe in matt silver grey , and silver litzen over black patches piped red on the collar . The capband was black piped in red and red was the upper piping of the crown of the cap . If you need some assistence regarding uniform details . ask freely .

  7. On 24/5/2009 at 13:27, Paul R said:



    You hit the nail on the head, with the US General's photo. Your talent is amazing!


    Here is the photo I was telling you about. Can you make this one come to life?




    This one is a musician .keep in mind that .because Musikmeisters ,Obermusikmeisters and Stabsmusikmeisters carried special shoulderboards . and collar patches . the colour of the patches was according with that of the unit to which belongs the Kapelle .Yellow for Air , red for Flak ,white for Hermann Goering , black for the RLM and so on

  8. On 6/10/2008 at 18:48, Chuck In Oregon said:

    Or, you could just let your imagination guide you and draw your own from scratch.


    A Georgian friend gave me a large collection of his sketches. I'm in the process of scanning them onto a website. That is a giant PITA, in case anyone is wondering. The results are satisfying, though.


    So, anyone recognize this guy? The guy in the sketch, not the Georgian.




    Looks like the white Russian General Anton Denikin 1872 - 1947 . If not in any case is a White Russian General 

    On 3/7/2016 at 09:04, Alex K said:

    Thanks to all, just to finish off King Kalakaua, came across this image, it seems Prussian influence spread far and wide!!


    Looks like a Prussian General waffenrock .inclusive the rare number of twelve buttons . but the Prussians used to wear the four inferior buttons ,unbuttoned.

  9. 12 hours ago, Dolfek said:

    Thanks so much.

    Anyone could tell me how to spot the difference between officers and enlisted. Did officers and other ranks wore the same hat style? At least during some time. 

    I´ve seen many pictures and only see the same hat in most of them, except in those officers wearing big crown hats (german style).

    Thanks in advance.


    Best regards,


    Dolfek : The Japanese Army adopted in 1930 the model 90 service uniform . this uniform was khaki and comprised tunic with stand collar ,trousers or breeches and peaked cap for officers and men alike . these peaked caps were WW1 era style . with model 90 uniforms the arm of service was marked by collar patches in different colours .red for Infantry ; green for Cavalry ; yellow for Artillery etc.The 98 uniform was a modification of the 90 model . It was adopted in 1938. The peaked cap was retained but in different shape more modern . the collar patches in arm colour dissapeared and were replaced on the collar by rank tabs . Only the troopers of the Imperial Guard continued the use of the peaked cap . and the Military Police . the majority including officers used as service headgear the well known and unique Japanese cap .  

  10. Why ? In pure common sense ,the badge was not like the pilot or observer one ,not even as a wounded badge .it was a conmemorative piece . Granted by ? I dont know . according to which statute ? neither know . In another sense ,how many Tank crewmen served in the German Army ? Roughly 20 A7vs and around 60 british Tanks were the number of German Army Tanks , thats implies at most 500 tankers  how many survived the war '? and how many rejoined the Army or the Freikorps ? ,or war veteran associations ?

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