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  1. Hasan Rj : Perhaps your grandfather served in the pakistani Army after the partition . the picture looks like taked in a cold place and not in Burma . the slip on tabs on the shoulder straps appears to be the ones used by Viceroy commisioned officers .there were red with a central strip of matt gold . apart VCOs used one to three pips over the straps . 

  2. Hello : Really curious ,the General appears to have composed a personal parade dress .Litewka with plain buttons , helm and feldbinde . the alt larisch braid pointed to the back of the collar is tailor mistake ? or a bavarian invention? possible . the bavarians never acepted without reserves the prussian style . As anecdotical I say to the forists that here in Argentina between 1932 and 1941 generals weared the alt larisch braid over a red patch sewed to the closed collar of the white tunic of the summer parade dress only and the braid was pointed to the back . 

  3. On 20/11/2008 at 19:03, Peter Orincsay said:

    Hello John!


    I am not really sure of the origin of my Z?szl?s (Warrant Officer) tunic. I was found hidden in the basement among my late grandfathers belongings.

    Since he never were a Z?szl?s (Warrant Officer), he went straight to Hadnagy (Lieutenant) after graduating the Ludovika Military (Budapest) academy in 1937.

    And I?m still not 100% sure what the purple colour is for military branch.

    The tunic is in mint condition and with a nice taylors tag inside. The tag says: N?das ?s Osz?czky - ?ri ?s Egyenruha Szab?k - Budapest, IV Esk? T?r 1. (N?das & Osz?czky - Gentlemen and Uniform taylors, Budapest 4th district Esk? Squere 1.)


    Peter The zaslos was not a WO , ranks among the junior officers ,so wears gold buttons , badges and shoulder cords . the Three classes of WO wears silver buttons and badges and shoulder straps in arm of service colour.

  4. ccj : The riding trousers were not black ; the colour was a dark bluish grey (graublau ) and yes , in the field they wears officers and men a cavalry feldmutze of the same colour as the trousers . Moritz Ruhl plate about AH cavalry shows clearly the uniform . The odd looking cap was in fact a tyrolean hat .and was used only as parade item . One british author stated that the colour of the trousers was the same of the first AH feldgrau A dark grey with only the faintest shade of green . I dont remember his name but he writed an article about the KK landwehr for Tradition magazine . with many B W plates . 

  5. Hello , I agree with Markgraf , the uniform is a cavalry one , Reitende Tiroler landesschutzen . the tirolean riders formed a division not a regiment , the AH division was a half regiment of cavalry or artillery . in Germany an abteilung . the AH full division was named Truppendivision . the Tirolean riders numbered one staff and two field squadrons just before the ww1 they added a third . they belonged to the KK Landwehr . Existed another division of reitende landeschutzen a dalmatian one with two squadrons .Ethnically the Tirolean riders were 58 % german 38 % welshtiroler (italians) and 4% others . the Dalmatian riders were 82 % serbocroatians and 18 % others . both units wore the same uniform , 

  6. Stuka : Curious , interesting , The mayonnaise shoulder boards are very simmilar to the french treffles , used by hussards chasseurs a cheval and dragons , here in Argentina , some guys calls mayonesa , the gold yellow braid over the peaks of colonels and generals service caps . going back to the Garde my topic view was till now that of a group  of mustachoed middle age men armed with Comblain rifles wearing large greatcoats and a sort of tall melon hat .inclusive i ignored they have field officers and distinction between infantry and chasseurs . Thanks 

  7. To The Prussian : A badge of the Pepiniere ? Could be , It was the only academy of military doctors in Prussia at least I know that they received their military instruction during 6 months or so in a Guard unit , perhaps the badge was for use with civilian dress on the lapels . the badge is good made but of cheap metal . one suggestion : I think that HR means Heereserve ,

  8. Hello : I think that is not Gral Queipo , Looks different , older and shorter in height , he wears a jacket with open collar shirt and tie . that was not common . the Republic changed in 1932 the open collar jacket of the 1922 regulations to an closed collar one . Only durin 1943 a open collared jacket was reintroduced . probably the photo is dated from 1943 onwards and taked in Spain and the Gral is receiving a German General and entourage visiting the country . 

  9. Hello : The red shoulderboards for Musikmeister are an old model used during the Empire and the Weimar era , during the Empire the officials with 20 years of service were allowed a shoulderboard with a golden kantille cord interwoven with the red there were other colours of shoulderboards . with the feldgrau they were unified in red . The Musikinspizient of the ww1 era wears with the feldgrau uniform piped red and with swedish cuffs red collar patches with five equally spaced lines of gold braid and broad plaited shoulderboards of gold silver and red cords . The 5 lines simbolyzed the musical pentagram . on the cuffs in lieu of litzen braided Lyres ,I had never see a photo of the Musikinspizient . About the photo of the musikmester I dont know who is but I observe the use of saxophones well , In a book edited in the GDR about the Militarmusik in Germany , I read that the Luftwaffe was the only with saxos in their bands . Hitler dont like the saxos wich he linked too close with the jazz nigger music , degenerated music etc but Goering who believes he has a great culture dont conceived a band without saxos and imposed his will .

  10. Hello : The 16th Reserve bavarian infantry regiment Adolf Hitler unit , departed and went in action wearing Landwehr mutzen . there were not enough helmets , Raymond Cartier in his biography of A H relates the use of caps and says also that because of the caps they were confounded with british soldiers . the caps have a feldgrau cover . exists a film with King Ludwig III reviewing troops with the cap, 

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