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  1. Hello : Argentinian is not , yes we have the faced sun as emblem of the land Army but we never used the mural crown that topped the sun . the 2nd Spanish Republica replaced the royal crown with a mural one very similar to the crown of the medal .Its a curious thing The Cuerpo de Intendencia ( Supply Corps ) of the Spanish Army has as Badge a sun topped with a crown and circled with a double wreath of laurel . but the sun is faceless .

  2. Hello : They are spanish , collar pieces , the open crown was used between 1939 and 1975 , the second type of crown was implemented with the arrival of king Juan Carlos to the throne . the cap badge of the Spanish Navy also changed the crown type in 1975 . The crowned eagle with the sword of the apostol Santiago on the chest was and is the coat of arms of the Spanish Army ,cap badge , and in this case collar badge 

  3. Hello : I agree with The Prussian , but i wish to add that in certain aception strich means also to erase something suddenly .in spanish : borrar de un plumazo . Of course Dauer Feuer is the most common definition of sustained MG fire . Franz Seldte the leader of the Stahlhelm wrote two books about german MGs in ww1 one with the title MGK the other Dauer Feuer . in these last mentions fessende uberhohende or flankierende machine gun fire as options but not strich .

  4. Hello Grey : The most suitable is , to me , the third . once i read in a french publication Militaria Magazine, in an article about the Tiralleurs that was common in North African cities the atelier photographique whose owner composed for the enlisted men eagers of a special thing , uniforms of phantasy , with non regulated items , or additionals as fourrageres , decorations ,sabres etc . 

  5. Hello : To me they are members of the Red Cross . the bearded man wo rests his right elbow on the table appears to have officer shoulder boards and neatly a officers type belt and clasp . the other man appears to wear unterarzt shoulder boards . similar to the SB s used by offizierstellvertrer with a aesculapius staff on the middle . The man at the right of the civilian wears too officer SBs and belt .

  6. Farkas : At least one photo contains info , The one with the men holding a board . on the board says that they belonged to the imperial and royal  urgency hospital located in the sporting club of Ried . Ried im Inkreis is a  town in Upper Austria . 

  7. On 1/7/2017 at 02:36, wraith42 said:

    Medical officers (Sanitätswesen) had green waffenrocks, but with a single row of buttons and with red collar and cuffs.

    This is a waffenrock for a major of the general staff (Generalstab).

    Very nice piece.

    Hello : Sanitatsoffiziere weared dark green one row , jackets with red collar and cuffs , Medical officers ; double breasted jacket in blue colour with black collar and cuffs piped red . and gold buttons . at first look the jacket looks to my eyes as blue . later realized that it is green 

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