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  1. Flyingdutchman : Many thanks for share, a sad story indeed , one more of the thousands that take place those terrible days of the late summer of 1914. The french emigration to Prussia and other countries was produced by the revocation of the Nantes Edict the year 1685 by Louis xiv .over 200 000 Frenchs emigrated , peasants , artisans , bourgeois , tradesmen , and nobles . Later the French Revolution produced another emigration . the aristocracy in first place . to escape of the massacre. many of the emigrants were soldiers .whose talent was greatly appreciated . Trooper : The document is the reproduction of a marriage certificate , emited in 1941 by the French Community Church ,  

  2. Boris : thanks for the links , in the last site http mundomilitaria a forist stares clearly that Serrano in Hendaya weared El uniforme del Movimiento . that is of Falange . coincides with me .As minister Serrano weared always the uniform of a Jerarca , of Falange . in summer and winter versions . normally with peaked cap . perhaps he disliked the red beret of Carlist origin.

  3. Farkas : My pleasure , the new photo posted is interesting ,Austria troops in the western front says over the pic . Nancy Toul Verdun France .Well , in the year 1914 the only Austrian soldiers serving in France were artillerymen . with the heavy Skoda mortars .used against the belgian fortresses . The uniforms of the men appears to be pike grey . one of the men holds a carbine . a weapon for artillerymen 

  4. Boris : The shoulder boards ARE Policial . I dont said that Serrano Suñer wears the same type of shoulderboards . Falange shoulderboards were of rectangular form ,pointed ,of black cloth piped red silver or gold , and after the unification of falangists jonsists and carlists carried on the st Andrew cross and one two or three red silver or gold yokes .most commonly the  SBs carried in place of the cross the yoke and arrows emblem in red . The breast insignia of Serrano denotes his rank , over all the yoke and arrows then two four pointed silver stars (luceros ) and finally three yokes . Only Franco carried three luceros . as Caudillo and Jefe Nacional

  5. On 28/11/2013 at 13:36, IrishGunner said:

    On the left: Zugsführer (unknown regiment/branch) with a FJ bronze Tapferkeitsmedaille. And a bayonet.


    On the right: Zugsführer (unknown regiment/branch) with a Silbernes Verdienstkreuz mit Krone and a Militär-Jubiläumskreuz 1908. And a sword.




    Hello : I believe that the man of the right is a feldwebel . the lace on the collar patch is barely visible , and he carries a officers sword. the two men probably belongs to a unit of sappers . they wears jackboots , without spurs . 

  6. On 3/6/2016 at 21:16, WJT said:


    I too was a sailor and a submariner. Thank for the info. I would like to know what awards my Great Opa received and any other information there might be about him.

    Von Thronstahl

    My Grandfather served from 1913 to 1918 but was on the U-4 from 1913 to 1916. He went to a surface ship in 1917 due to poor health. If you search "submarine" or "WJT" in this forum you will see his submarine badge. I see you are in Croatia. I was in Dubrovnik and Montenegro a few years back being interviewed for a documentary for Czech TV on the wreck of the Giuseppe Garibaldi and was able to walk in my Grand Opa's footsteps. 


    Here is another photo of an officer a acquaintance of mine knew. He gave me the photo with a small cup from the KuK Kriegsmarine:


    this officer belongs to a non executive branch. no curl over the top lace ring and colour cloth background to the lace rings . appears to be either the grey of engineering officers or the light blue of the accountants , the colour was crimson for technical , black for doctors and brown for clerks, 

  7. On 5/6/2016 at 05:18, The Prussian said:

    Das ist das Kaffehaferl des k.u.k. Marineoberstleutnant Rudolf Slezak, meines Großvaters

    That´s the coffee-cup of the k.u.k. Naval-Lt.Col. Rudolf Slezak, my grandfather

    A Kaffehaferl is an austrian word for coffee-cup

    Inside of this book you´ll find him. Unfortunately the names-index ends with "Sch", so I couldn´t find him.

    You´ll have to read the entire book...


    Marineoberstleutnant implies a technical officer 

  8. The Imperial and Royal 2nd hungarian Infantry Regiment weared Kaisergelb collar and cuffs and gold buttons . the colour was a deep yellow . The Imperial Royal Landwehr used for all their Infantry Regiments Grass green collar and cuffs . The Royal hungarian Honved Infantry used no distinctive collar and cuff colour , with the field uniform pike grey , the collar patches were dark blue grey , The Landwehr was recruited into the Austrian part and this included Bohemia moravia . and Prague . 

  9. Hello : In the group photo he bears the rank of fahnrich or before 1908 cadet deputy officer , in the studio photo h bears the rank of feldwebel , 3 celluloid stars and the yellow silk borte , i think that the white line is to the purpose of delineate neatly the golden yellow borte over the orange yellow patch . The regiments with pike grey patches used the patch with a thin white piping . 

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