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  1. Balkan : Pan Jagodic wears an austro hungarian uniform . The rank zugfuhrer , infantry .the light coloured collar patch could be of pike grey colour the same of the uniform . Isaid so because the pike grey collar patches have at the rear a thin white line and in the photo i see that line . a regiment with pike grey egalisierung was the hungarian IR 69 . one of his battaillons was posted at Castelnuovo in today Montenegro .perhaps Jagodic served in the IR 69 .

  2. Gentlemen : The austro hungarian system was and not was like others .The fahnrich or standard bearer was a OFFICER . no a like one as officer , the fahnrich was member of the officers mess , commanded a section if necessary etc . Prior to wwI there were some elderly fahnrichs der reserve , in temporary active service . 

  3. Elmar : The tunic looks republican to me , first the shade of the grey , second the green collar tabs the most common colour in this era , third the cut , very plain and the absent bar of decorations . the material looks like a light woolen cloth not the late ww1 tricot made almost all of artificial fibres of good look but rather weak . but is only my point of view . the tunic must have some internal tag of taylor taille , etc  ¿can you look inside ? 

  4. ¿Why grotesque ? ,the litzen of course , The colour was field grey, and the uniform a hybrid of austrian and german .the service cap was german type the field cap austrian type , the colours of arm of service , the same as in Germany ,the cavalry retained the pelzulanka and all the helmet .In 1933 the austrian republic returned to the austrian traditions . the basic colour was field grey austrian  FG . ,the cut returned to ww1 type the kepi was reintroduced the old badges of rank too, inclusive coloured uniforms were presed in service again for certain traditionsregimente . The arm of service colour was simplified but basically returns to austrian origins . 

  5. King Achmet Zog was a great opportunist , He wa muslim and one of the tribal chieftains of Albania . Prince lajos Windischgraetz related that during the serbian retreat Zog encircled and destroyed a serbian infantry brigade took the armament and organized an army . Windischgraetz was commisioned to bribe Zog to side with AH . the prince with a escort of kaiserjaegers meets Zog in his castle made the proposal ,Zog accepted together with 100000 gold korone and promised allegiance to Austria . At night , Zog meets a bulgarian colonel his proposal an 100000 levas . Later was bribed by the greeks and sided to the Allies . The uniform colour is a light blue grey , but the lace on the front open knots and skirts must be black 

  6. The generals braid was sewn over a longer red patch also , The brownish grey tunic with yellow patches could belongs to a series of experimental models of uniforms tested during 1915 1916 made of a sort of khaki , imperial yellow is the same as kaisergelb , 

  7. The NCO seated in the center is a vizefeldwebwel . his portepee appears just under his left forearm . The Matrosen Bataillone used the same uniform of sailors but in feldgrau , the officers a naval peaked cap in feldgrau , a field grey bluse and breeches . They wear the rank on shoulder boards marine model or on the cuffs ,sometimes both systems . Prince Henry the Kaisers brother , used during the war  the field grey uniform as described with both systems of rank . the uniforms described were standardized in 1915 . The old argentinian Armada apart of the Marines used to have the Marineria de desembarco . roughly translated as landing sailors . Sailors in sailor uniform and with infantry rifle bayonet and harness . 

  8. Hello : The Austro hungarian cavalry received steel helmets somewhat late but by the year 1918 they were of general use . not all the cavalry was dismounted and inclusive the dismounted units conserved a troop of 25 riders . The hungarians Somogyi and Barczi in their book about the Honved : For the king and the country Kyralyert Ez Hazaert offer much information .I think that the guys included the two officers are regimental stormtroopers , rohamist of a dismounted regiment of hussars . 

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