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  1. More about Zog , after the war he married countess Geraldine Apponyi , a  niece of Windischgraetz . During 1957 or 1958 both met in Paris , Zog with full purse and the prince ruined . The bandit greeted Windischgraetz as my dear uncle ! with clear duble sense . 

  2. Knotel in his Uniformenkunde explains very well the question . the austrian field grey was different in 1933 than the precedent used in the german type uniforms . the officers service tunics were cloned with the war time models . only the better quality cloth and the invariable high collar make the difference and sometimes the absence of tailors marks . 

  3. Hello gentlemen :The theme of the uniforms used by german pilots and observers is not very complicated , in first place existed the fliegertruppen , uniform as the one of the pioneers with light grey shoulder boards th 1st abteilung with withe piping the 2nd with red the 3rd with yellow and the 4th with blue . Officers transferred to the fliegertruppe were either infantrymen,  cavalrymen artillerymen or pioneers . they retained during all the war their original unit uniforms . for example : Immelman was a militar railroad officer ,Boelcke a telegraphist , Goring a infantryman . both von Richthofen cavalrymen Udet was of other origin first he learn to fly paying and licensed then was admited into the fliegertruppe as officer . he wears the uniform of the flieger . Milch was a pre war Artillery officer , von Beaulieu Marconnay another cavalryman . so apart of the reglamented uniform of the fliegertruppe a vast diversity of uniforms was used by officers pilots and observers till the end of the war. a colourful look . Artillery officers and General Staff ones, acted as observers but not ever early in the war. later , with more qualified NCOs these were observers . of course there were NCOs pilots. Unteroffizier Kandulski , a fighter pilot bring down the french ace Pegoud .Kandulski was a pre war civilian pilot . 

  4. Nice tunic ! It looks as a private purchased one , gabardine cloth of wool , and not the tuch of troopers . good idea that of mend interweaving silk yarn . but if you are decided to no save the mutze . is better to obtain the yarn of the mutze cloth unweaving the thread with care . remember not use hot water in the process Never . perhaps an old aunt or granny is able to help you .Good luck .

  5. Balkan : Pan Jagodic wears an austro hungarian uniform . The rank zugfuhrer , infantry .the light coloured collar patch could be of pike grey colour the same of the uniform . Isaid so because the pike grey collar patches have at the rear a thin white line and in the photo i see that line . a regiment with pike grey egalisierung was the hungarian IR 69 . one of his battaillons was posted at Castelnuovo in today Montenegro .perhaps Jagodic served in the IR 69 .

  6. Gentlemen : The austro hungarian system was and not was like others .The fahnrich or standard bearer was a OFFICER . no a like one as officer , the fahnrich was member of the officers mess , commanded a section if necessary etc . Prior to wwI there were some elderly fahnrichs der reserve , in temporary active service . 

  7. Elmar : The tunic looks republican to me , first the shade of the grey , second the green collar tabs the most common colour in this era , third the cut , very plain and the absent bar of decorations . the material looks like a light woolen cloth not the late ww1 tricot made almost all of artificial fibres of good look but rather weak . but is only my point of view . the tunic must have some internal tag of taylor taille , etc  ¿can you look inside ? 

  8. ¿Why grotesque ? ,the litzen of course , The colour was field grey, and the uniform a hybrid of austrian and german .the service cap was german type the field cap austrian type , the colours of arm of service , the same as in Germany ,the cavalry retained the pelzulanka and all the helmet .In 1933 the austrian republic returned to the austrian traditions . the basic colour was field grey austrian  FG . ,the cut returned to ww1 type the kepi was reintroduced the old badges of rank too, inclusive coloured uniforms were presed in service again for certain traditionsregimente . The arm of service colour was simplified but basically returns to austrian origins . 

  9. King Achmet Zog was a great opportunist , He wa muslim and one of the tribal chieftains of Albania . Prince lajos Windischgraetz related that during the serbian retreat Zog encircled and destroyed a serbian infantry brigade took the armament and organized an army . Windischgraetz was commisioned to bribe Zog to side with AH . the prince with a escort of kaiserjaegers meets Zog in his castle made the proposal ,Zog accepted together with 100000 gold korone and promised allegiance to Austria . At night , Zog meets a bulgarian colonel his proposal an 100000 levas . Later was bribed by the greeks and sided to the Allies . The uniform colour is a light blue grey , but the lace on the front open knots and skirts must be black 

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