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  1. Chris ,I understand your point of view about the Nazi Kulturbearer Sic . but regarding the War Veterans as a whole i want to said that the mixture of Heros and Bastards was very current among War Veterans of every country and in all the Wars . I want to say too that in a War with millions of men movilized for the real fight or for reaguard duties all previous dispositions regulating the concession of awards were desbordated and they were adequated amplying whitin the frame existent the scope of the concession .

  2. On 03/03/2010 at 07:28, Chris Boonzaier said:

    The whole war with an Infantry regiment, EK1 and 2...


    Whats the problem ? He was a Medical Officer .It was not uncommon that one Regimental or Bataillon Doctor remains all the War into the same unit .Regimental and Bataillon doctors normally served in Front line Lazaretten .

  3. Once existed into the Wittelsbachs one Duke Pius  1786 - 1837 . Pius August In Bayern ,father of Maximilian Joseph in Bayern who was the father of Empress Sissi of Austria . Ferdinand Pius of Bourbon 1869 -1960 , Duke of Calabria married a daughter of King Ludwig , Maria Theresa  in 1897 and served in the Bavarian Army ,as Artillery officer .until the WW1

  4. 10 hours ago, Glenn J said:

    Difficult to be absolutely certain, but I think this chap may well be the then Major i.G. Eugen Trautmann.





    The man portrayed in the paint wears what seems to be the uniform of a field officer in the General Staff . carmine piping on the collar and front of the tunic,mattsilver buttons and the Double GS litzen on the collar . litzen of the so called Blumenmuster.

  5. 14 hours ago, The Prussian said:


    I haven´t heard from that... The german orders were clear. 1st the own medals, then the others.

    Otherwise it might be ordered by A.K.O. see below.

    But, maybe you´re right. The german soldiers, who were in turkish services, "belonged" to the turkish empire, so they had to wear the medals in the ottoman way... isn´t it?

    Like I said, I´m not sure...



    Anordnung der Orden.jpg

    Perhaps as a courtesy to the Sultan the German Officers were authorized to wear first their Turkish awards . after all they were commisioned into the Ottoman Army as  the prussian states ,  The German Civil Servants that were Ottoman Government Officials must wear the red Fez whe in service .I have a few Pics of my Paternal Grandfather who served as Civil Servant in Turkey during WW1 and in all he wears the Fez .

  6. On 04/05/2020 at 16:50, Kriegsmarine Admiral said:

    Karl Dönitz

    Karl Dönitz (76).jpg

    Kriegsmarine Admiralrichter Paul Becker

    Paul Becker (1).jpg

    Kriegsmarine Konteradmiral (Ing.) Max Peters

    Max Peters (7a).jpg

    Kriegsmarine Konteradmiral Friedrich Traugott Schmidt (left)

    Friedrich Traugott Schmidt (10).jpg

    Kriegsmarine Generaladmiral Rolf Carls (3rd from the right)

    Rolf Carls (150).jpg

    The picture  shows Carls with Spanish officers ,a General ,a Colonel and a Lt Colonel . He was Commander of the German Navy component of the Non Intervention Force .

  7. On 01/06/2020 at 19:17, Deruelle said:

    Hi everybody

    I have a pair on officer shoulder board from Jäger Bataillon 13. The number is unique in the German Army (as you can see on the photos). A friend give me the authorization to publish his pair of Epaulette from JB 13.

    I'm interesting to know when this particularity was adopted. I can't find this information. Thanks for your help.

    Don't hesitate to show yours



    IMG-20200418-WA0017 (2).jpg

    Take a look into German Daggers Forum .Imperial collar patches and SBs section . and will be able to observe the variety of types of numbers and monograms 

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