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  1. I would very much like to know the following when the following units left Bahrain in World War 2: 292 Heavy Anti Aircraft Battery 247 Light Anti Aircraft Battery also 3/11 Sikh Company This is for research for British Forces in the Persian Gulf. Any help will be much appreciated. Quicksilver
  2. Can anyone please suggest a book which lists the details or dress regulations of British diplomatic uniforms. I am keen to know the details of Class IV and V 1960s uniforms worn in the Arabian aka Persian Gulf? tku quicksilver
  3. Gentlemen, Can anyone please advise how I can obtain a copy or photocopy of Joint Services Newsletter Edition No. 185 17 July 1971, Published on behalf of the Commander, British Forces Gulf by 52 AEC Jufair. This is required for research and any pointers in the right direction would be very much appreciated. Quicksilver aka Cliff Lord
  4. Gentlemen, I am missing the dates of two Indian infantry regiments that served in Aden in 1897 and 1898. This information is to update my third edition of the Armed Forces of Aden 1839-1967, which will be republished in a new format with a little new information but within the glossy pages of the series called Middle East @ War. This will be my 4th book in that series, the other two being UAE, Oman, and the third is about Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar which hopefully comes out at the end of next year. The Aden book will come out not long after - at least that is the plan! 1882-1883 22 Bombay Inf. 1884-1885 4 Bombay Rifles. 1886-1887 9 Bombay Inf. 1888-1889 3 Bombay Light Inf. 1890-1891 17 Bombay Inf. 1892-1893 16 Bombay Inf. 1894-1896 13 Bombay Inf. 1897 1898 1899 10 Bombay Light Inf. 1900 5 Bombay Inf. 1901 1 Grenadier Bombay Inf. This continued up until about 1928 As you can see there are a couple of gaps. BRgds Quicksilver aka Cliff Lord

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    https://www.helion.co.uk/military-history-books/the-armed-forces-of-the-gulf-states-volume-2-oman-1921-2012.php?sid=1488e955d07ca69eb1bae168a8c8b511 The Armed Forces of the Gulf States, Volume 2’, covers the military, police, and selected para-military services of the Muscat & Oman, and the successor Sultanate of Oman in period from 1921 until 2012. Great Britain and Oman have had various mutual defence treaties since centuries. This resulted in establishment of very close ties between the British and the Sultan of Oman’s armed forces. Since 1920s, the British seconded and contract personnel served with the latter services through forming, leading, advising and training them. ‘The Armed Forces of the Gulf States, Volume 2’, is providing not only the story of this service, but also an in-depth history of the emerging Sultan of Oman’s Armed Forces, the Dhofar Force, plus selected para-military services, including regimental and corps histories, and selected military operations. Richly illustrated – also with exclusive photographs and colour profiles of the uniforms, equipment, and insignia - this comprehensive history of Oman military forces from early days to independence and well beyond, is supported by an extensive glossary of terms and comprehensive time-charts, detailing the dates of formation and disbandment or re-designation of entire scores of units. ‘The Armed Forces of the Gulf States, Volume 2: Oman, 1921-2012’ is thus an indispensable source of reference for those interested in the military history of this part of the world, the history of the Arab-British cooperation, but also a memorial for those who served in the Sultan’s Armed Forces, and to their families. Vol 1 was published earlier this year and covers UAE and its antecedents (Including Trucial Oman Scouts, ADDF and many other almost unknown police and military forces. This is a Helion book written by me - a member of the GMIC. Cliff Lord, aka Quicksilver


  6. Hello Peter, Thanks for your welcome and reply. I could not find anything on the subject when searching. Best regards, Cliff Lord
  7. I am doing a little research in to the British regiments, battalions, squadrons and companies that served in Sharjah in Trucial Oman, which is today known as the United Arab Emirates. This would fit into the time period 1951 to 1971 but most likely after 1961. Generally speaking British infantry and cavalry were based in Bahrain and a company or squadron was hived off to serve in Sharjah if required. Any help would be appreciated if you know of any unit that served in Sharjah even if on exercise. That includes REME, RE, RCT and so on. Thanks Quicksilver
  8. Does anyone have a brief history of the Dubai Defence Force and details of their uniform? Also did the DDF wear collar badges? Quicksilver
  9. Can any one please show here an image of the following Iraqi metal badges: Ghazi Bde Hashimi Cavalry Regt King Faisal Armoured Car Squadron Were there different cap badges for the regiments in the Royal Guards Brigade? Rgds Quicksilver
  10. I am new to the forum and keen to learn the names of the Army Brigades in the Royal Iraqi Army and to find out what metal badges they wore. There seem to have been many different guards brigades and every dealer in militaria has a different name for them! BRgds Quicksilver
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