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  1. This graffitti came to light toady. I have had no luck searching this name and no. can anyone help? The third line viewed from a different angle clearly says 'KSLI'
  2. Work on the painted walls continued over the weekend and we have 2 new names that we have looked up. 4036936 Pte. L.H.Fletcher KSLI 1st battalion. Wounded 30/9/44 ( listed in error) 4929014 Pte. Ronald Saunders KSLI 7th battalion and killed in action with the South Staffordshire Regiment 19/7/44 I wonder what the 'error' wad for FLETCHER above. A number of names came to light today - details once we have looked them up. Also darts scores and other number lists - what game counts down from 101?
  3. Ditherington Flax Mill and Maltings was used during the 2nd war as a training barracks. We have secured funding to research just what went on here at that time. Graffiti has been discovered between layers of paint created by the military personnel stationed her. See our project website for info and photos. Names and service nos suggest varios regiments were here - perhaps it was used as a staging post for Dunkirk Evacuees - some of the incriptions are dated May 1940. There was a searchlight battery nearby - were the men stationed here? We have only 4 oral history recordings from local people relating to this period. If anyone can add to our recorded history of the site we would love to hear from you.
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